Medical astrology and sleep disorders

Dr. Purushothaman
September 13, 2013

To diagnose various diseases medical astrology studies the influence of signs of the zodiac, stars, and planets. Experts affirm that the Sun and the Moon play particularly important parts in constructing horoscopes. The Sun is particularly important in creating horoscopes for men. The Moon bears the feminine component of horoscope. The Sun and the Moon predetermine such constituents of the opposite characters as power and feebleness. Medical astrology presupposes that the position of the planets determines the appearance and the course of the diseases. Medical astrology may help find the ways of effective treatment of various diseases and conditions including sleep disorders. Those doctors who know medical astrology make diagnoses and treat their patients taking into account the positions of planets and stars.

What is known about sleep disorders from the standpoint of medical astrology?

Life of human beings is characterized by the interchange of the periods of wakefulness and sleep. Scientists found that during the sleep synchronized processes of electrical activity reflect the state brain relaxation. However, these processes also demonstrate meaningful activity because insignificant or even unpleasant events are deleted from the short-term memory. At the same time, important information is consolidated in the long-term memory. While sleeping and dreaming, unconsciousness, freed from the fetters of wakefulness, plays with fantastic visions discharging the emotional potential accumulated during the day. However, this useful mechanism may get broken and replaced with signs and symptoms of pathologic conditions such as insomnia, narcolepsy, and lunacy. In all these cases medical astrologers attract attention to the Neptune dominance. From the standpoint of medical astrology Neptune is inseparable with fears, anxiety, mental and emotional disturbances. The common feature of all sleep troubles is severe emotional tension. These troubles point to the fact that mind and body do not work correctly. How medical astrologers interpret insomnia

In insomnia the regular biological rhythms are distorted and become the most important cause of sleep problems. These problems may be associated with emotional instability and even result in psychosis. As a matter of fact insomnia reflects the mental and emotional tension amassed during the day. Many patients experience problems with relaxation often against depressive background. Medical astrology diagnoses a broken Moon in Aries and disagreement of Moon and Mercury. Neptune is steadfastly linked to Moon being in aspect with Mars or Uranus. Mercury may be injured in the Libra and disagrees with planets in Pisces distressed by Saturn. Particularly significant is the dominance of Neptune in association with broken Moon. Mars in the 1st house powerfully accumulates energy with unfavorable consequences. The association with Pluto intensifies the effect of Mars. As a result, patients experience troubles with healthy relaxation being unable to discharge the accumulated negative energy and cannot fall asleep. The broken Moon, particularly under Uranus influence, means a disturbed and heavy sleep. Venus and the Moon in the 6th house point to insomnia and early awakening. Mars in opposition with the Sun becomes additional indication of energetic disorders and problems with relaxation. In many patients with insomnia Neptune domination has a Mars taint.

Medical astrology and narcolepsy

In narcolepsy there are problems with regulation of periods of sleep and wakefulness. Patients periodically experience fits of sleep with the duration from seconds to minutes. In narcolepsy the connection with the Sun is quite obvious and is associated with the uneven energetic distribution. At birth the angle of the Sun beams determined by the Sun position is considered to be particularly significant. The eyes percept the sunbeams from changing angles differently. In some cases the sunlight may produce calming action, but sometimes there may be quite an inverse effect.

What medical astrologers know about lunacy?

Somnambulists walk during the sleep in spite of the hindrances. Children are often affected with lunacy. The case is that the brain is excessively excited and cannot activate the program of the healthy and deep sleep. As a matter of fact, the mechanisms of wakefulness and sleep are working together simultaneously. Medical astrology associates this condition with the position of Neptune in Pisces. The position of Neptune in the water signs, especially influenced by the Moon, shows the predisposition to lunacy. Medical astrologers diagnose opposition between Neptune, Mercury, and Moon. Neptune in these cases prefers actively the water signs. The combined effect of the Moon and Mercury together with Neptune is frequently deepened by Saturn, which may even accept the leading role.

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