Medical Alert Systems Help Motivate Seniors To Exercise At Home

Dr. Purushothaman
September 12, 2013

It is important for everyone to participate in exercise activities. Without physical activity, a human body will experience great distress and inevitably, a multitude of health problems. As the human body ages, exercise regimens become more complicated, but also more important. Once a person ages into being a senior citizen, they must carefully plan their activities to avoid injuries and keep themselves healthy, safe and physically fit. For some seniors, especially those that have experienced an injury during exercise, it can become almost frightening to engage in much needed physical activity. What if another injury occurs?
It certainly is a well-known fact that increased age will eventually mean decreased ability to perform at the same fitness levels. Due to this, it is important for seniors to have regimented fitness plans that they stick to regularly. If fear is holding them back due to a previous accident while exercising, they may be less inclined to participate in the activities that are necessary to keep them in optimal physical health. A medical alert system can help assuage these fears so that they may continue on with their regular routine and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Here are some common exercises that seniors can benefit from, especially with the added peace of mind that comes from wearing a medical alert bracelet while completing the activities.
Stretching and Flexibility Exercises
Stretching and other flexibility exercises are a huge part of exercise routines completed by people of any age. With seniors, stretching is particularly important to keep their muscles from stiffening and keep their range of motion from decreasing too rapidly. Stretching has also been shown to relax the mind as much as it does the body (this easily explains why it is a key aspect of the popular fitness routine, Yoga.) However, it is important that the movements are slow, calculated and well planned out or seniors will be more susceptible to injury. Regardless of what stretching exercise is executed though, if the person is equipped with a medical alert bracelet, then they will be in a much more relaxed place to complete the exercises, knowing full well that if something bad does happen, they are prepared to get the help they need.
A simple, leisurely walk in the early morning and another in the evening will greatly improve a senior's fitness levels. It is easy to do, low impact and carries a low chance of injury as long as the person does not overexert him or herself. If they would like to wear their medical alert bracelet to help give them peace of mind, they can, but it must be remembered that most medical alert systems have a range of no more than 800 feet, so the walk cannot extend too far off of the homestead. As an added aid to help give them peace of mind, they can wear a medical information bracelet that has their name, address, phone number, any illnesses/medications, and other pertinent medical information. Should an emergency occur while out on a walk further from home, anyone near by can utilize the information on the medical information bracelet to help get the patient all the help they need.
Aerobics is an excellent fitness activity that can range from extremely low impact to incredibly high intensity. It is truly great for all ages. Seniors will want to opt for a lower impact aerobics class, as it is very rhythmic and can have swift movements, so if done incorrectly, seniors are at a high risk for injury. Aerobics warms the body and engages every part of it, allowing anyone who participates in it to get a full and challenging workout. It has other great health advantages, such as improving blood circulation, strengthening the respiratory system, improving mental health and reducing rapid palpitations and blood pressure. Although aerobics has plenty of advantages in terms of health and wellness, since it is a higher intensity activity, injuries can easily occur if the activities are not completed correctly. Many seniors may try to avoid this activity to avoid injury, but if they are wearing a medical alert bracelet, the increased level of confidence can help them power through this incredibly important fitness routine.
Yoga & Meditation
Yoga is a very popular activity for seniors. It is a low intensity fitness activity that is aimed at relaxing the mind, body, & soul, increasing flexibility and reducing stress. It has also been shown to help with high blood pressure. Many people combine Yoga with extended periods of meditation to promote relaxation and improve their mindset throughout the day. Meditation can be a great way to combat depression and improve mental functions. Since Yoga often has poses and stretches that test the body's limit, injury can occur if safety precautions are not taken. Wearing a medical alert bracelet can help a senior feel confident and comfortable while practicing Yoga and meditation.
Weight Training
Weight training can be a great exercise for seniors. It is highly recommended that they utilize light weight dumbbells in order to avoid overextending themselves and causing a serious injury. As good as weight training can be as a part of a senior's fitness regimen, it is important that it is closely monitored and that the person is well aware of the exercises they can and cannot do. For example, using light weights to complete bicep curls is fine, while dead lifting hundreds of pounds is not. Once a perfect regimen is decided for a particular person who is of senior age, they can also wear a medical alert bracelet in order to give them added peace of mind. If an emergency occurs while weight lifting, they can just press the button and help will be on the way.
Regular exercise should be an important part of every senior's day. When they become fearful of exercise because it might cause them injury and they won't be able to get help, they will become less likely to do it. If they have a medical alert system in the home and wear a medical alert bracelet while exercising, it will provide them with the added peace of mind to exercise without fear.

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