Medical Alert System FAQ

Dr. Purushothaman
September 12, 2013

You likely have some questions about medical alert systems, and that is perfectly fine. You want to learn all you can about this before you decide to get a medical alert system. Read the following statements to learn more about the commonly asked questions regarding medical alert systems.
Does Medicaid or Medicare pay for medical alert systems and services?
Unfortunately, Medicare will not pay for your services. There may be waivers. For example, there is a Medicaid home-based waiver that offers payment for CareLink and CareMed senor medial alert systems, although there is a small amount of enrollment allowed in these programs. You should get in touch with your Area Agency on Aging in your state to learn more information about this. You will probably have to pay for the system yourself, although sometimes private insurance will pay if it comes following an accident. Of course, in this instance, an Insurance Case Manager will need to provide approval for this.
How will I contact the monitoring support centers?
To do this, you simply talk in a normal tone of voice from the room you are in. CareLink has a very powerful microphone that will pick up the voices around where you are. If you have another service, they will likely have a similar feature.
How quickly will they respond in an emergency?
This will vary depending on what service you choose, although all of them are fairly quick and efficient.
How long will it take to get the service?
With Carelink, they can activate a response system within two days if the order is made in Michigan. If the order is made online it will ship within a day. Other services will be very similar in the amount of time it takes to get the service.
Who will be notified if I need help?
Support center operators will call the personal people who you have listed as people you will want to be notified if you are in a case of emergency. This is whoever you choose. These people can be friends, family, neighbors, or others. They will be notified no matter where they are. They could be at work, at their home, or at school. Support center operators will make them aware of the situation. Also, the ambulance will be called if you need to have medical assistance immediately.
What will I do if I lose electricity?
Most services have battery backups, so this will not be a problem. Before purchasing your medical alert system, you will want to look into this feature to make sure it is present.
Will I need a special phone line to use these services?
This may depend on which alert system you choose, but you usually do not need a special phone line, as a standard phone line will work just fine with these services. For example, CareLink plugs in just like an answering machine and you will not lose the use of the telephone that you have.
These are some of the more common questions that there are about medial alert systems. Be sure to get all of your questions answered before choosing your medical alert system. This is a very important purchase and will truly change the lives of yourself and your loved ones!

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