Medical Alert - Life Saver for Senior Citizens

Dr. Purushothaman
September 12, 2013

In the current era where each and every person is very busy with their professional career and other commitments, we tend to spend very less time at home. Our old parents or grand parents end up staying alone in their homes either with children or some times alone by themselves. Due to age, senior citizens and old people get medical emergencies and it is vital for someone to be around them always. However, due to various factors, we are unable to be with them round the clock to serve them during emergencies. There are chances that the old people might fall down or fall ill or they could be any kind of emergencies arising any moment. To safeguard and serve the requirements of old people, each home must have a medical alert without fail.
Medical alerts can be used during any kind of emergencies when the senior citizens require some kind of assistance. Medical alert systems usually come with an alarm button which can be worn as a pendant. Senior citizens can wear the medical alert around the neck or even tie it as a wrist band or can be clipped in the belt. The usage is completely based on the model that you purchase. So, you can ask your parents or grand parents to select the right Medical alert as per their convenience.
When a senior citizen needs help, he or she needs to press the button. Radio signals are transmitted to a base unit that is connected to the telephone. The alarm is sent to an emergency response centre who can speak to the senior citizen. In case of no answer from the senior citizen, emergency personnel are sent to the house to check what kind of emergency is required and to do the needful right there.
Safety is the primary key than cost when it comes to medical alert system. However, the cost of a medical alert system could be anything between a few hundred and few thousand dollars. I would suggest not going for the local or the cheapest medical alert as they don't do the job good. The purpose of setting a medical alert is to safeguard your parents or grand parents and by going for a cheap medical alert your goal might not be fulfilled. So, do not compromise on safety. There are many models of medical alert with varied features. It is necessary to do a complete study and analysis of the medical alert before you signs up for a contract for the medical alert system.
Check what kind of features you expect and require in medical alert system. Check if the medical alert button can be easy used by the senior citizen. Sound clarity must be really good so that the emergency personnel can hear the issue from the senior citizen clearly or at least can make out the emergency. Check if the medical system is UL listed and whether it is compatible with your phone system at home. The medical alert system should have battery back up if there is a power cut and should also have warning signals during low batteries.

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