Medical Alert Dialer: Feel Secure

Dr. Purushothaman
September 12, 2013

The LifeLink Prodigy is fee-free Medical Alert Equipment that can make your loved one more secure, because they have a means of sending distress signals even if they are left alone. They can rely on the Medical Alert Dialer to send messages to up to eight individuals programmed into the system if they have a medical emergency like a diabetic complication, a heart attack, a stroke, or if they get dizzy and fall.
A user need only to push the button on the Pendant he or she is wearing if they are experiencing a medical emergency. A Medical Alarm signal can be sent by the wireless Pendant to the Console which then dials the eight telephone numbers until the system gets a response. Even if the user cannot reach the phone, the Console sends the pre-recorded message that was recorded during system setup and waits for a “0” press. If “0” is not pressed within approximately 20 seconds, the system will determine that it has reached an answering machine and will dial the next number in the sequence.
LifeLink Prodigy Medical Alarms are self-contained personal systems, so there are no monthly fees or activation fees. Users only have to pay a one-time fee for the Medical Alert Equipment, and they don’t have to worry about monthly fees. It is licensed to work anywhere in the United States and can call all the numbers stored in the system, even cell phones and long distance numbers. If the call recipient is across the country, they can call 911 in their area and the emergency call will be dispatched through the 911 network to the local emergency center.
The Medical Alert Equipment can be installed by anyone through voice-prompted setup which is part of the system. There is a Quick Start Guide for Basic Setup, and setup takes less than 15 minutes. There are only two setup mandatory steps to follow to make the system work. For more advanced functionality, users can follow the other menu options within setup. The Console should be set up as close to the center of the home as possible to maximize the range of the wireless Pendant. The Medical Alarm can be connected to any existing phone jack. Any existing phone can be reconnected into the back of the Prodigy. The unit is then plugged into a regular power outlet to begin programming.
Your network of relatives, friends and neighbors will serve as your emergency monitoring service. For example, if your daughter is the first person programmed into the system and the system calls her when you are having an emergency, she can have a conversation with you and, if needed, she can call 911 for help on your behalf. You can have a progression of up to eight people who care about you programmed into the Medical Alarm system. Their numbers will be dialed automatically when you press the Pendant button during an emergency.
Prodigy has been designed with typical senior citizens in mind. Understanding this, the Medical Alert Equipment has easy-to-use voice-guided setup, zero-tools system installation and battery replacement, remote status checking, minimal breakable components, self-health functionality and reporting, voice messages for critical problems, long battery life, and large help buttons.
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