Medical Alert Alarms Help Save Lives

Dr. Purushothaman
September 12, 2013

Medical alert alarms are systems designed to alert someone in the case of a medical emergency. The most common usage of these alert alarms are when someone has fallen or injured themselves in their homes and cannot reach or use the phone to call for assistance. That is where these medical alert alarms do the most good. It allows an individual who stays in their home alone to have the assurance that if something should happen where they were unable to access the phone, they could summon help by the press of a button. The press of a button would assure that emergency assistance would be on the way to help them. These alarms are usually used in the event of a medical emergency but are helpful no matter what type of emergency event. The medical alert alarms are a way to help instill confidence in those that are staying by themselves. It allows them the ability to know that they are connected and safe in an environment that is looking out for their welfare yet still allows them their independence.
There are many types of medical alert alarms available today. Many will use wireless technology to utilize connections between a home base console and the button or pendant that is worn and pressed in case of emergency. The system is a simply-installed unit that will hook up through your phone line to enable the emergency calls, and a wireless link from the unit to the pendant. Once the pendant/button is pressed, it activates a response in the console so that it immediately starts to dial the emergency contact number or numbers you have programmed into it. Most consoles and stations will allow you to input more than one number and will dial consecutively until an answer is reached or the 911 personnel are called. Contact numbers can be local numbers or long distance numbers. This allows family members that live out of state to still be connected with the issues of their loved ones.
Medical alert alarms work only in so much that someone has accessibility to them. Many people get extra pendant/button alarms to keep around the house. The key strategy there is that it allows for back-up should you be caught without one. By having one for the night stand, the bathroom, kitchen, garage, or perhaps even one for the purse or car, allows extra peace of mind. In addition to the extra alarm buttons, there can also be an alarm installed inside the house that is triggered to go off when the medical alert is sounded. This is an extra safety precaution that is useful particularly if there are others on the property or neighbors living close enough to help monitor situations. When the outlying person who receives the emergency call presses a key on their phone to confirm that emergency, the alarm is turned off so that the person in distress can be heard.
These medical alert alarms and their systems are not expensive to purchase nor are they expensive to use. Look for companies that do not charge monthly fees but instead offer their product, usually under $200, at a flat fee. This will reduce your costs in the long run.

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