Medical Alert Alarms: For Your Loved Ones

Dr. Purushothaman
September 12, 2013

Medical Alert Alarms are intended for loved ones who are on independent living, elderly or with health concerns. It provides the virtual equivalent of a corporate monitoring service without the additional costs associated with these solutions. Anyone, therefore, can get the assurance they need that loved ones can call for help in case there is an emergency if he or she is alone in the house or residence.
The system will accommodate up to eight telephone numbers which can include family members, associates, close friends, neighbors, and even 911 emergency services in all 50 states. It will work anywhere as long as there is a phone line. When there is an emergency, the Medical Alert Dialer will call up to eight telephone numbers programmed into the system. The Medical Alert Equipment runs on regular electrical power and can be backed up by an ordinary 9-volt battery in case of power failure.
When the button on the wireless Pendant is pushed during an emergency, the signal is immediately sent to the Console which begins the emergency dialing process. Medical Alarms are well-spent investments providing peace of mind to people who are always worrying about a loved one often left alone in the house or even those living in a retirement community.
Elderly people are oftentimes suffering from chronic ailments, heart conditions, diabetes, and other health problems such as dizzy spells that may cause falls and accidents. LifeLink Prodigy Medical Alarms ensure that help will immediately be available through the button on the wearable emergency Pendant. Its range in open air is up to 300 feet. When the button is pushed, the system automatically calls up to eight persons that have been programmed into the system. The prerecorded message is then played to the one who answers the phone.
When the call is answered, the person in distress can conduct two-way communication with the individual answering the emergency call. The family member or friend can comfort the distressed person and assure him or her that help is on the way. The family member or friend also gets the assurance that their elderly relative or loved one with health problems is safe and sound.
The LifeLink Pendant can be worn at all times, even when in the bath tub or shower. It is water-resistant and will work anywhere, as long as there is a phone line. It will call the numbers programmed into the Medical Alert Dialer during the setup process. The numbers can be local numbers or long distance numbers. The 911 emergency number can also be used, since Prodigy is 911-compliant in all 50 states.
This modern Medical Alert Equipment can be set up in around 15 minutes, will run on regular electricity, and will also run on a 9-volt battery if there is a power failure. In an emergency, the wireless Pendant will work from a range of 300 meters from the base Console, and it will transmit the signal when the button is pushed. The Console will then start the dialing sequence. The distressed person will feel safer and more secure if he or she knows that help is just a push of the button away in case of a stroke, heart attack, an accidental fall or any other problem that can happen to someone alone in the house. Additionally, Prodigy has the ability to skip past all programmed numbers and call 911 directly by pressing the panic button three or more times in a five second period.

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