Maths Aptitude Tests – An Essential Part Of A Technical Job Interview

Dr. Purushothaman
September 27, 2013

In this day and age, employers in different parts of the world are judging the ability of prospective employees for different job positions using psychometric tests and aptitude tests. With the job scenario in different sectors becoming increasingly competitive, this is quite logical. Also, maths aptitude tests are increasingly becoming an important part of a psychometric assessment process. The questions in such a test are being used to judge a person's ability to understand and use ratios, decimals, percentages, roots, powers, and fractions. A person would need to calculate quickly and accurately to score high in such a test. The best way to ensure a high score is by practicing different types of questions – from the ones based on computation to the ones based on data interpretation. In addition to a job interview, such a test on numerical aptitude is also a part of many college and professional level examinations.

When taking maths aptitude tests for the first time, there are certain things that one can expect. More often than not, the questions in maths aptitude tests come with some information. The examinees are required to go through the information, analyse the same, and use their mathematical knowledge to arrive at the answers. More often than not, questions are designed on real life situations that are likely to come up when people are “on the job.”

There are two things that a person taking a maths aptitude test has to bear in mind. Firstly, he or she would need to have a thorough knowledge of basic maths. Secondly, the individual would need to download sample test papers and start practicing on the different kinds of questions. Only then, he or she can answer the questions, quickly and accurately.

The data interpretation questions in a maths aptitude test or a numerical aptitude test assesses a person's ability to comprehend and interpret information displayed in tables, graphs, and charts. One can expect such questions in jobs that requires the analysis of numerical data.

Many jobs in the present day world requires some amount of mathematical knowledge; a potential civil engineer cannot afford to be bad in numerical reasoning and maths. It is therefore quite natural that many employer organisations are using maths aptitude tests for screening purposes. The questions in such a test are based on algebra, quadratic equations, probability, trigonometry, number series and statistics. In maths aptitude tests, the examinees are required to solve around 30 to 40 questions within a stipulated time.

To get a hang of things and to know more about the more commonly asked questions, one can turn online. There are some high-end providers who are offering free downloadable practice tests; you can download the same and get to know the areas in which you need improvement.



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