Math Jobs Combine Aptitude with Special Interests

Dr. Purushothaman
September 27, 2013

While some people cringe at the thought of math, others love the subject dearly. Puzzles, formulas, and counting create an interest in which invades multiple areas of their lives. Students with significant interest as well as affection for the subject often find that their post-secondary studies involve majors that rely heavily on mathematical skills, and of course, one of the top considerations for future career choices is math jobs.

Preparing for math jobs doesn't mean relegating oneself to a life of punching calculator buttons and solving equations. There are many professional fields that rely on an ability to not only compute, but also apply mathematical skills and concepts in practical settings. While some such environments are more academic in nature, others are very hands on. Combining one's appreciation for the subject with one's talents and skills in other areas allows for a rewarding professional life.

Math jobs are especially prevalent in the construction industry. Nearly every construction trade relies on some level of mathematical understanding and ability, especially in the area of geometry. Many types of computation take place in different phases of construction, whether in surveying an area, setting forms, or determining the composition of a concrete order. Individuals pursuing some trades must demonstrate appropriate understanding of algebra, as in the case of carpenters. Others must complete special studies in trigonometry, as in the case of pipe fitters. Those designing buildings and structures must be proficient in advanced mathematics, as in the cases of architects and engineers. There are lots of math jobs to consider in these areas.

Science and medicine rely heavily upon proficiency in math. Math jobs in these areas may be especially based in research. Nonetheless, practical applications include every area from nursing to pharmacy work. Levels of math required in each of these positions will vary, but an aptitude for math is a must. These areas also depend significantly on an aptitude for science, and very often those that thrive in math studies also thrive in the sciences.

There are many business professions that depend on an aptitude for math. Math jobs in these areas range from accounting to banking, centering particularly on math as it applies to money. Formulas are integral to many areas in the financial industry, as well as understanding how to correctly use formulas is a foundational concept in higher level mathematics. Banking, investing, and financial advisement all depend on having a good grasp of financial concepts as they relate to business. Running one's own business relies on understanding financial concepts and mathematical principles. Statistics are essential tools in measuring progress, profit, and trends, whether in a brick-and-mortar company or in an online platform. Internet statistics are becoming more important all the time, affecting how companies advertise and conduct various types of business. The growth of this platform is firmly dependent on math aptitude.

Finally, one of the most valuable math jobs is that of teaching math. It's one thing to have a good grasp of math. It's another thing to be able to effectively communicate math concepts to others. Creativity and great relational skills, coupled with a love of math, make this one of the most rewarding math jobs in existence.

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