Mastering the Secret Law of Attraction

Dr. Purushothaman
October 6, 2013

The Secret Law of Attraction promises to transform your life. Master the law and make things happen.

Think and grow rich with The Secret Law of Attraction. An attractive catchphrase or corny reality, self-help gurus advocate this law as a cure for most of your problems. To paraphrase an aphorism, the path to heaven is paved with good intentions. Most of us want stability in our lives, healthy relationships, good friends, and financial security. Negativity from different sources can hamper our best intentions. The Secret Law of Attraction suggests that you are a living, breathing magnet; focus on what you want, and success is achievable.

A standard checklist recommended by experts is:
Be clear on your desires: Life did not treat you well. Never mind. Make a list of all that you want, and list it down. Clear articulation is important in The Secret Law of Attraction. Focus and positive energy can transform your dreams into reality. Getting a Ferrari may become easier.

Visualize: The universe is a creative, loving entity. Imagine a wonderful vacation in Malibu or a fun time with your mates. Think hard about your aspirations. Clearly visualize your goals. The Secret Law of Attraction promises to transform your dreams into reality.

Keep the Faith: Read the Bible or listen to George Michael. Experts suggest that if you fervently believe in goals, the universe will transform them into reality. Be grateful and have faith.

Be Responsible: Be accountable for your actions. If you live a blame game from one day to the next, chances are that the law may not work.

Confront Inner Demons: Our inner dialogue makes us vulnerable and weak. If griping is an ingrained habit, replace negative thoughts with something more amiable. The Almighty did not want us to live unhappy, mundane lives.

Maintain a Journal: Keep a record of every emotion. Angst is usually counterproductive. Write all the positive things that happened to you daily and count your blessings.

Most self-help experts, such as Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, and Rhonda Byrne, explain The Secret Law of Attraction in very simple terms. People who expect the best things to happen to them usually find that life responds to them positively. Many of us miss out on the beauty of existence, as we are engrossed in daily problems.

Scientists, mystics, and philosophers have always believed that dreams are a gateway to the subconscious. Real fears in your workplace or personal life can be tackled with sleep. Some experts recommend lucid dreaming as an add-on to The Secret Law of Attraction. Life unfolds as a series of daily events. Imagine giving a speech vividly when you go to bed, and tomorrow may just turn out to be a verbal masterpiece.

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