Manifesting Your Intention

Dr. Purushothaman
September 20, 2013

When it comes to manifesting, intention is everything. Truly powerful intention is composed of three main qualities: focus, attitude, and energy. The difference between people who successfully manifest their desires and those who don’t has to do with their intention and these three qualities. When you have a clear intention that is focused with a positive attitude and is charged with a high amount of energy then your intentions will manifest in a way that is in alignment with your stated desire.

The following is a very powerful process for manifesting your desire.

Here are the steps for creating a clear and powerful intention

Step 1: Focus: Remember, ‘Reality’ is what you attend to. Your energy flows where your attention goes. A clear intention starts with your attention being focused on exactly what you want. Focused like a laser. Begin by using your imagination to create a brightly colored and clear picture or movie in your head of your desire. Make it as real as possible. See it, hear it, feel it. Keep the vision of your intention in your mind as much as possible. Refer back to it throughout the course of your day.

To support you in remembering, find pictures that represent your desire and match them as closely as possible with the picture or movie in your head. Place these images around you in as many locations as possible so you will see them and be frequently reminded to stay focused on manifesting your intended outcome. You can place them around your house, your office, your car, etc.

Along with your clear picture, create and write out a Statement Of Intent. Make sure that it is short, powerfully stated, positive and in the present tense, as if it is already happening. It is best to start the sentence with “I AM.” Write it out on index cards, Post It Notes , etc. and place it in the same locations as your pictures. Make this Statement Of Intent your mantra. Memorize it and repeat it to yourself throughout the day as you visualize your focused intention. As you repeat it to yourself or out loud make sure to see the images in your mind’s eye, as well.

Make sure as you gather your images and create your Statement Of Intent that you have thought through what you want in every possible way. Be certain that there is no part of you that does not want what you are intending. If any part of you is unprepared for the changes that you will it will act as an impediment to manifesting your desire the way you want.

Once all parts of you are in alignment with your intention for manifestation you are ready to move on to the next step.

Step 2: Attitude: Your attitude is your overall conviction about your intended manifestation. It is the combination of the feelings you have about your ability to manifest your desire, as well as, the feelings you have about what you wish to manifest. It is more than just moment to moment fluctuating emotion but a continuous background feeling of positive certainty in your ability to achieve. While your focus is the image and statement of what you want, your attitude is the power behind it. If you have chosen images and created a statement that truly resonates with you at a deep level you will be able to feel it and you will already have gone a long way toward setting the the right attitude. In turn, the more positive and empowering you can make your attitude the greater the effect it will have in charging your intention and inspiring your action taken to achieve your desired manifestation.

Think about what emotions and feelings you would like to load into your attitude. Confidence, acceptance, excitement, joy, and gratitude are all examples of very highly charged, positive emotions and feelings that will help to create a powerful attitude. Whatever you choose, if you don’t already have them as part of your attitude, you can always go and get them in the memory bank of your experience and by using your imagination.

Write down the emotions and feelings that are already part of your attitude. Now write down the additional emotions and feelings that you would like to include in your attitude. Choose one emotion or feeling from the list to work on. Now remember a time when you felt that emotion or feeling very strongly. Continue holding that emotion or feeling until you can feel it load up fully into your body and mind. See if you can turn it up so you can feel it even more deeply. Now think about your intention for manifestation. Repeat this several times until you can feel the emotion becoming a part of your attitude. If you use this simple technique you can create any attitude you like. It only takes the repetition of practice. Do it till you get it.

Once you have designed and created the attitude you desire to power your focused intention for manifesting you’re ready to move on to the next step.

Step 3: Energy: Every creation takes energy not only to come into existence but to stay in existence. Once you have a clear intention that is focused and empowered by a highly charged and positive attitude you will need to continue giving energy to your desired manifestation until it becomes a reality. This is done a in a very simple and straight forward manner. Each time you think of your intention, see your pictures that you have placed around or repeat your Statement Of Intention take a moment to allow your attitude load up and fill your whole body, as well. Take that emotional energy of the attitude and flood the images with more and more feeling. See the feeling pouring into the images making them brighter and sharper in clarity. See them becoming more real. Feel the reality of your manifestation as if it existed right now and feel how you would feel about it. This is the power of using your mind and body together to charge your intention with as much energy as possible. The bonus is that it will act like a feedback loop that will strengthen your intention, your attitude and give you more energy all at once. Challenge yourself by practicing repeatedly and see just how much fun you can have with this three step method for manifesting your intentions.

You will find that when you have done the previous steps you will begin to change. Your mental and emotional states will come into alignment toward your stated intention, as will your actions. You will even begin to find that the Universe will start supporting your desire by surrounding you with coincidences and synchronicities. Take advantage of those coincidences and synchronicities by recognizing them as signs that you are on the right track. Make the most of them. They are actually symbols by which the universe is giving you feedback on how to continue refining the process of your manifesting. They are also opportunities being provided to you for furthering your desires in ways you might not imagine. Take advantage of them and enjoy the journey into manifesting your intention with mastery!


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