Manifesting Excellence, 8 Tips To Organize Your Life

Dr. Purushothaman
October 16, 2013

If you are currently experiencing overwork, overwhelm and burnout on a regular basis, you can learn how to energize and empower yourself and manifest your excellence.
By manifesting a fulfilling, effective and efficient day, you will be able to move from frustrated, irritated and scattered to calm, focused and energized. You will build confidence and be able to maintain your poise in the midst of daily stress.

The following 8 tips will help you to increase your daily efficiency and effectiveness, cut through mental fog and manifest personal excellence simply by learning how to more effectively organize your life.

1. Discipline yourself. Explore the actions that you take on a daily basis and discover where you can have better discipline, a little more orderliness or efficiency and better self-control. Check the amount of time you spend around the coffee wagon, talking on the phone or getting bogged down with your e-mail. Catch these habits before they sneak into your daily affairs. Today what we call discipline, tomorrow we can call a natural and spontaneous habit.

2. Delegate. When you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, do not identify yourself with your limitations. Find support for areas in which you are either too busy or have limited talent or skill. Do the best you can and leave the rest to the Universe. The Universe gladly supports us as much as we allow. Time spent in setting intentions plus time spent in silence will be rewarded by letting go of your perceived reality and visualizing your ideal reality, your excellence.

3. Say ‘No’ to yourself as well as to others. Before saying ‘no’ to someone else, you must decide inwardly that you intend to do so. To say ‘no’ one additional time each day would allow you extra time-freedom to use in creative ways.

4. Set your intention(s) for the day. Make a list each morning, or preferably the night before, of the top three things you want to accomplish. These actions should move you closer to your goals. If your list spills over to 6 or 8 things, write them down but keep the top three at the head of your list. Manifest excellence by having a laser focus on each task at hand until it is totally completed.

5. Write it down. Keep one small notebook handy so you can keep track of missed calls and other details as needed. Having all information in one place saves precious time and increases efficiency.

6. Get rid of the clutter. Paper and other clutter is an energy drain and has a way of sneaking up on busy people. Design a simple system to handle your paperwork or hire someone to come in and design it for you.
7. Take a break. All animals, machines and even humans need a rest between intense spurts of expended energy. After completing each of your priorities, get up, walk around, get a drink or simply flip through the magazine on your coffee table. Think of this time as preparation for your next task. Continue in this way until you have finished all top three priorities.

8. Reward yourself. Especially after completing your top three actions, a small reward is in order. This helps to build your self-esteem and begins to lock in your process or way of accomplishing your goals. By having your day a little more organized, a little more disciplined and efficient, you will be manifesting your excellence and will gain greater peace of mind, and that in itself is a reward.

Commit to claiming your power, not your perceived limitations. Limitations we feel when we are not ‘in the flow’. In order to go beyond the feeling of powerlessness, pay attention to feeling more connected with your inner Source, your higher power. Once you identify with your unlimited Source, your own personal limitations will melt away into nothingness.

Enjoy an effective, efficient and fulfilling day. No more overwork, overwhelm or burnout! Organize your life and claim your power. You will feel more dynamism, have greater mental clarity and will be manifesting excellence.

By: Rijuta Tooker

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