Make the Secret Law of Attraction Work for You

Dr. Purushothaman
October 6, 2013

You need only three things to make The Secret Law of Attraction work for you. Feel that you already have it, feel thankful for what you have, and take action. Stop feeling the want and instead concentrate on the have.

It is said that if you really want something then the whole universe conspires to bring that thing to you. Yes, the whole universe. Mighty strong principle if you ask. The Secret Law of Attraction is formulated somewhere along those lines. In simple terms, The Secret Law of Attraction states that like things are attracted to like things. If you have something, more of that will come to you. If you do not have something then the lack of that something will come to you. Basically, if you feel positive then positivity will come to you and if you are negative then you will attract negativity. The universe will make it so.

If you know the nuances of The Secret Law of Attraction then you may be able to work it to attract good things to you. The trick is of course to make it work. Here are three techniques that will make it work.

Visualizing What You Want and Deciding that You Already Have It - You see, according to The Secret Law of Attraction lack begets lack. If you want something badly, if you feel that want badly, then only the want will come to you. On the other hand if you feel that you already have it then more of it will come to you. Hence sit yourself down and make yourself believe that you already have what you want be it a friend, happiness, or whatever. Assimilate the fact into your system so that you believe it without question. This will attract more of that to you.

Feeling Thankful for What You Have - Thankfulness is a wonderful emotion. It makes you feel good about the things you have. It also makes the universe feel good about the things it has given you and it will be motivated to give you more. Hence feel thankful for all that you have and thank the universe or whomever you want to thank for it. The universe will respond.

Do What You Need to Do - Nowhere does The Secret Law of Attraction say that you can sit idle and the universe will do everything for you. You have to take a step and the universe will show you the next step and wherever it leads you the result will be happy. Remember the universe is a collective consciousness and has a roadmap but you are the one who takes action, who has the power to act. Hence act.

In order for The Secret Law of Attraction to work without any pitfalls you need to apply these three techniques continuously. Never let negativity consume you.

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