Make One More Effort, Your Life Will Be Totally Different

Dr. Purushothaman
October 15, 2013

Once two sisters moved from countryside to city to do work. After several twists and turns, both of them were recruited as salesgirl in a gift company. At first, they had neither stable customers nor relationships, so they had to carry heavy clocks, albums, teacups, table lamps and different kinds of crafts every day. They walked long all streets of the city to look for buyers, but after more than 5 months, they were still frustrated and didn’t sell a key chain at all.
Finally, the countless disappointments got rid of the young sister’s patience and confidence, so she put forward to resign together with his elder sister and look for new jobs. Unlike her, her elder sister said that everything was hard in the beginning, so she wanted to hang in there. So the young sister resigned from the company alone regardless of her elder sister’s detainment.
In the next day, they left home together. On one hand, the young sister looked for a job here and there according to recruiting advertisement; on the other hand, the elder sister got the first order in her career of sales promotion. A company that the elder sister had visited for 4 times wanted to hold a big conference. So the boss ordered 250 sets of exquisite crafts to the guests. To the elder sister’s surprise. The total value of these souvenirs was over 200 thousands RMB, and he got 20 thousand RMB of commission. From then on, her performance was rising continuously and she had more and more orders.
After 6 years, the elder sister had her own luxurious car, a house of more than 100 squares and gift company. Besides, she got married with an excellent doctor and gave birth to a lovely child. On the contrary, the young sister often changed her work and had to be funded. When the young sister asked her elder sister about the truth of success. “In fact, the secret of my success lies in I make one more effort than you.”
To be honest, I have learnt an important lesson after reading this story. At first, they had the same gifts and opportunities, but they made different efforts, so their ways of life were totally different. In fact, many famous successful people make one more effort than our ordinary people. Finally, if you want to know more about stones, you can visit our stonebtb.
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