Major Symptoms of Kidney Stones

Dr. Purushothaman
September 16, 2018

Kidney stone disease is found to be one of the greatest painful urological disorders and commonly faced by people nowadays. The disease restricts healthy life of a person and it is revealed that over one million kidney stone cases are analyzed every year and there are around 10 percent of individuals facing the symptoms of kidney stones at certain instance in the life.

What Is the Kidney Stone?

Kidney stones are essential components of solid material that are created when some substances that are easily melted in the urine turns highly concentrated. If appropriate treatment is not done, it becomes difficult for a person expecting. It is found that kidney stones are found more commonly in males; however, statistics are presently displaying more occurrences of kidney stones in females and kids. Dietary factors may play a role in increasing the number of cases of kidney stones.

Symptoms of kidney stones

The symptoms of kidney stones are noticeable when big stones come down out of the kidney towards the urethra.

Pain during urination

The greatest common symptoms of kidney stone found is the feeling of pain while urination. There is variation in the intensity of pain among people. Pain can vary from minute to severe ones. The painful difference depends upon the place where the stone is located. It can also depend upon the size of the stone. The person will experience a kind of burning sensation while urinating. Patients will also have a tendency to urinate most of the time. It can be seen that urine released will be only a few.

Low back pain

This is known to be a symptom in which pain created by kidney stones relies on the position of the stone. Usually, the pain is found at the back waist. If the stone is in the left kidney, pain will be focused on the left waist and if in the right kidney, the right waist area will pain. The intensity of the pain will be lesser at the beginning and later, after half an hour, it can increase, causing extreme difficulty to the person suffering. He/she will not be able to even walk freely.

 Pain in Other Location

The symptoms of pain of bladder stones are not just perceived in the waist. Based on the place the stone is positioned, pain may be experienced in different parts of the body. The pain hinders living a healthy lifestyle of a person.

 The presence of blood in urine

The existence of blood in urine or frequently regarded as hematuria, are the characteristics of bladder stones created by the pain of the urinary tract. It is found that a stone which is bigger in size and sharp texture rather sharp while passing across the urethra, could irritate the channel and produce bleeding over the walls. The blood gets combined with urine and hence the urine turns red or brown in color. When such situation arises, it is recommended to approach a doctor on an immediate basis to avail further treatment.

Always Wanted Micturition and Frequency Ascending

Kidney stones present in the bladder can indicate symptoms of bladder stones frequently anticipating urinating and enlarged frequency of urination. The condition arises whenever the bladder stones are huge in size in order to encourage the bladder to urinate always. The symptoms have to distinguish from that of the symptoms of diabetes. In case of kidney stones, urination frequency is high, but only a small amount of urine is passed. In the case of diabetes patients, frequency of urine increases and they tend to pass a lot of urine.

Urinary Tract Infections

The bladder stones symptoms are chiefly perceived whenever a kidney stone is already congested one urethra and they are elongated in size. Through the stones that obstruct the urinary tract, it is found that urine will essentially not emerge smoothly. The condition makes the urine to stay within the urinary tract for a long time. The Healthy diet, you consume also have great influence on urinary tract infection based symptoms.

Other symptoms

Apart from the symptoms mentioned above, we also understand that the person with kidney stones tend to have fever, nausea, fatigue, change of skin in darker shades and swelling of the legs and feet. Itching of the hands, ankles and wrists in women need to be treated immediately as these can be symptoms of kidney stones.

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