Major Health Benefits of Weightlifting

Weight Lifting

Dr. Purushothaman
September 30, 2017

Your physical as well as mental health can be benefited with the help of weight lifting. Weight lifting has been practiced for the purpose of building up the muscles of the body. Apart from gaining good strength of the body, it also helps in reducing the weight of the body. It can be done by both men and women. One of the major beliefs is that weight lifting is not suited for women as it makes them develop a muscular body. Even though it is true to an extent, women can avoid mass muscles when they train under an experienced trainer. Weight lifting is an exercise that provides better physical strength and shape to both men and women. Some of the health benefits of lifting weights are described below.

Strengthening of bones- As age increases, the bones of the human body become thinner and also porous. This will actually cause injury to the body. A slight fall might break the bones. While taking up weight lifting exercises, the bones are made stronger and it will not be prone to injury at any cost.

Calorie burning- The calories that are received from the food that we eat will accumulate when we do not perform any kind of physical activity. While doing weight liftinging exercises, the calories in the body are used for the purpose of repairing the fibers of the muscles. The excess calories are burned out, thus helping the body to remain healthy and strong.

Effective in burning fat- This sport activity can help in simplifying the diet, as weight lifting is twice effective in getting rid of the unwanted fat in the body and in making use of the calories. In short, the fat in the body is burnt off perfectly with the help of weight lifting. This is considered as one of the best benefits of weight lifting exercises.

Get for yourself stronger muscles- With weightlifting you are training your muscles to become stronger. When you carry load systematically, the muscles are built in a proper way and they become stronger. Moreover, they are not easily prone to injury too.

Gain great stamina- Your heart is trained better while weightlifting and this actually increases your stamina. The stamina is increased as the training is given from the heart to become stronger. This will make you feel energetic always.

Losing weight with weightlifting- Weight loss can be experienced in a quicker pace when you do weight training. Muscles are built and the metabolism increases. This makes the tightening of the skin as possible. While doing this sport activity, there will be an increase in testosterone, which helps in the burning of fat. Moreover, it also helps to prevent the sagging of the skin, builds up the strength of the muscles and improves the body posture too.

Increasing weight with weightlifting- Weight training can be done for both losing your weight and for increasing your weight. Adding weight is very much possible when you weight train. Those who need not add in some pounds have the ectomorphs body type. They do have a good amount of metabolism. Balancing with the proper weight training with the right diet will help in increasing the weight of the body.

Other benefits of weight lifting

Weight lifting helps not only to lose and gain your weight, but also helps in preventing injury, reduces the risk of gaining type 2 diabetes, reduces the risk of osteoporosis, improves the metabolic system and lots more. In short, people lifting weights do gain a lot of benefits for their body that ultimately make them fit and strong.

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