Maintaining a Positive Attitude While Trying To Sell Your Home

Dr. Purushothaman
October 3, 2013

We all have "those" days.. you know the days when nothing seems to go as they should? When the toilet paper sticks to your shoe.. You can't find your keys.. The kids won't stop needing something every time you take one foot out the door.

When these days arrive it can be a sure bet to ruin your whole day. Throw into the mix a quart of anxiety from an upcoming closing of your new home or two cups of stress from the mortgage company calling wanting to know if your sold the property yet or requesting payment.. then you find yourself sitting at the table with a slice of warm and gooey chocolate lava cake. (a lot of us knows what that will make us feel like 30 min later)

Now close your eyes and imagine, being able to change the negativity to positivity almost within minutes. You would become more motivated, productive and ready to face the world with a "You've got a brilliant personality" attitude?? Well it can really can. All it takes is you being able to open a small can of "I'll try" and following these simple techniques when you sell a home:

1.Become aware of when you are at your best : Some of us (ie: the wonderful ladies and gents at Starbucks) are morning people.. they are peppy and energetic first thing in the morning.. Others maybe more evening or get a second wind at night. Use these cycles of your day to get the most stuff done. Take on your most difficult tasks at this time while you have the energy to complete it when you sell a house.

2. Admit no one is perfect.. no not even you!! Make it your intention that you always do your best and focus on the service you are giving to others. Convince yourself its okay to make a mistake on occasion. If you do something wrong or with errors don't stress over it. The only time you fail is when you fall down and stay down.

3. Keep in mind you are only 1 person: If while thinking about your tasks for the day you find yourself getting overwhelmed.. just take a deep breath and split your to-do into smaller lists then work one at a time. Focus on the one small goal, not the larger one. Rome wasn't built in a day honey!

4. Remember to use the "stop technique": If you find yourself beginning to fall back into the negative whine, complain and gripping mood again. There is one very you must do... Simply say "STOP" and switch your focus. It does sound easier than it is.. but you will get it down with practice. Start off by taking a deep breath and put in a positive new thought. Don't even consider saying there isn't anything.. because there is.. even if the only thing positive things is when the dog woke ya up with a slimy wet lick that morning.. (yeah kind of gross but it makes you laugh.)

5. Bombard yourself with positive messages: EVERY time you look in the mirror or walk past one (even in elevator with 10 people around) say positive things about yourself. ie "I have beautiful eyes", "ohh wee you sure look like you lost 10 pounds" "look are very pretty today" Even buy a mirror for your desk so that you can smile when you talk. Its hard to be negative with a smile on your face.

Here's a tip: Avoid the news or newspaper., they contain so many negative stories, at least one are bound to bring you down. Stay away from anything or anyone negative if possible. Another rule of thumb.. never never never bring another person down in order to bring yourself up. I know these tips will be helpful for you to quickly change to a positive mindset at a moment's notice. Just keep in mind practice makes perfect.

We all want to feel safe at home especially once we buy a new house. Now days a housewarming is to meet your neighbors and invite family and friends to see your new home. Although there are still some people and some religions that believe a housewarming is a way to cleanse the home to bring peace, prosperity to the owners and ensure the home was safe to be occupied by young children.
In some parts of Asia, sea salt is scattered around the home during a housewarming, to chase away evil spirits. Sea salt is an important part of the oceans and the halite is believed to absorb negative energy transforming it into positive energy.

In the days before central heat and air a housewarming was the act of actually warming a house. Guests would bring gifts of firewood and they would build fires in the available fireplaces. Besides warming the house this was also done so that it would repel evil spirits by creating a protective atmosphere of warmth.

A ritual from Old Russia was that the emperor would bring baked bread with lots of sea salt in the crust to villages or merchants they visited. Throughout the years the bread and salt came to signify the wish that the pantry would always be full. The gift of sugar would symbolize the hope that life will remain sweet for homeowners. There is an old folk saying "Bread so you'll never go hungry; salt so you'll have good luck; wine so you'll never be thirsty."

Now days, gifts are not often necessary but are often a custom. A housewarming is a chance to present your new home to friends and an opportunity to meet the neighbors. Often people will host a housewarming within the first 3 months of acquiring the home. - See more at:

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