Luck and Smart Effort Go Together

Dr. Purushothaman
October 15, 2013

Sure, writing about this seemingly lighthearted subject makes logical sense, because even in serious down times, we can work smart so that the next up time or good fortunes can be that much better. Think about it to yourself seriously. Have you not had those times where you could not seem to win and you had to step back, relax, let it go and then create good fortune by an alternate route? You know what I am talking about. I am talking about those times in your life where nothing seems to go right in any way, then you relax, take an objective look at things, and a solution comes and you create good fortune later on. Before you go on to the next paragraph, think about what I am saying here.

You know what I am getting at in that last paragraph in every way that counts. For, indeed, genuine good fortune is not something really happened into, it is created by smartly done effort and well executed work, not so much planning. The worst plans with the right efforts come out well a lot of times, the best plans with the wrong efforts come out badly most of the time. My point is, it takes intelligence and smartly done effort and well executed work to make things work for good fortune. Think here in your mind, is all that he is saying real and true, then, remember those times in your life where it happened that way as a law followed and not broken. Realistically, there is a little chance involved, but mostly well executed efforts are the reality of the situation that work for the situation and make good fortune.

Sure, I can tell you, it works without fail in my life where the best plans with poor execution mostly do not work, and the worst plans with great execution usually do work. Sure, this is a key to making things genuinely work, meeting reality halfway between working and not working, either way working things to good fortune. I am not speaking Martian here, I am speaking practical language anyone can understand, especially at this point. Also, I can say when you can not invest emotionally in actions that work or do not work until after you do them, and have good results, and have emotional neutrality about bad results, that is when you create success and power on the positive end of things for yourself. Even George Herman Ruth knew this secret, that is why he became the "home run king" that he was in the early twentieth century, he struck out more times than anyone, but he had neutrality about it and put a spotlight on his home run successes. You miss or strike out on one hundred percent of the swings or efforts you do not take or make. So, think, only the weakest people shun consistent effort and trying, and then eventually doing. Only the weakest people really want or need "beginners luck" or winning from the start. The strongest people know that real success must be built from resistance and power creation. First time "luck" is always a "fluke" and a one trick pony. Real enduring strength and success must be built over time along with skill. Speaking of which, I have just mentioned another key secret to how luck and smart effort go together.

Everyone must have a grip on reality for it to work for them. To make a living, you must make reality work for you no matter what, consistency and persistence is the key, and the smart effort I just mentioned in the whole article is a law. Now to end in a lighthearted way, I hope this article was good for you as it was for me, because reality at first gives all minds a "cold shower" and then it gets good and warm and we all get clean, clear and honest. When I say, all minds, I include mine also, that is why I say that "we all" near the end of the last sentence if you caught it before you read this. Reality comes down to our thinking, acting and generating, no matter what. Only weak people shun consistency and persistence, but strong people work the work and walk the talk. That is what it comes down to. My article saying that genuine luck is not chance, but good human feeling combined with smart human effort and achievement may seem like ridiculous advice, but it is the reality of the situation. Take or leave, it is what it is.


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