Love Compassionately Without Any Selfishness

Dr. Purushothaman
October 10, 2013

The feeling of being loved is not expressed every moment but it is felt. If they are your close ones then they won't make you realize how much they love you. In fact, they will do more than expected, without letting you know, how much they love you. Love has no boundaries and no age factor is considered to love someone. If you love someone truly then nothing is considered more important than a selfless act and true service.

Whether you have an infant family member in your home, a teenager or an old age member; the love that you distribute for all of them is equal, isn't it? You don't love them seeing their age but you love and respect them without any selfishness. Definitely! You will love your toddler in a smooch way that you can't do to your in-laws. Love and respect for them is different.

The only thing that should exist in the relationship is trust and care with optimum commitment. Besides all these things there is care also. Every day is important in our life and each moment is precious. Thus, in this birthday of my daughter, I wanted to do everything in a different and in special way. This birthday of hers was much important to me as it was her 18th birthday. I wished to make it as special as I can. Thus, to surprise her, I selected her childhood favorite gifts for girls UK, so that she can rejoice in her gone days back again.

The online site from where I selected the gift had got different types of collections for girls. There were many more things to surprise one. Your little princess can even join girl clubs meant for them. They will enjoy here to their full extent as here not only they will be having fun with gossip and latest news on fashion and the trends but there are news and knowledge to make them aware.

I not only celebrated my cutie-pie's birthday with full excitement but I even surprised her by making her a member of the girls club. I could feel the joy reflecting in her face. After the party was over, she came to me and gave me a tight hug. Tears were rolling down her pink cheeks. I ask her what happened. She just held me tightly and said that she can't afford to lose me ever. I looked into her eyes and thanked her for being a special part of my life.

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