Living with alcoholism

Dr. Purushothaman
September 12, 2013

Living with alcoholism requires some changes in your life style. In order to manage your disease, you have to consult your doctor first who will help you in making some permanent changes in your life style. The following tips will help you deal with alcoholism:
1. Engage yourself in social activities without drinking.
2. Try to avoid going to bars.
3. Remove alcohol products from your home.
4. Always avoid people and situations that induce alcohol consumption.
5. Make new friends who do not have drinking habit.
6. Engage in some fun activities that do not involve drinking.
7. When you face some stressful situation, try to mange it without taking alcohol.
8. You can also attend counseling classes and group therapies.
9. Avoid any triggering situation that lead to alcohol consumption.
10. Learn some stress management skills like yoga, meditation, regular exercises etc. This will help you to avoid drinking habit. This is because many people indulge in alcohol consumption so as to get rid of stress only.
11. Take healthy diet.
Living with alcoholism is however very difficult. However if you diagnose the early signs of alcoholism then it will be possible to get rid of the problem with some medication and counseling. Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are held in various parts of United States. This will create an environment in which the drinker could stay tee total. However Alcoholics Anonymous meetings will not compel you in any ways to quit drinking. They will allow you to be there sharing your experience and listening other people's experiences.
Some life style changes required to living with alcoholism:
The first and foremost change required for an alcoholic is to stay away from drinkers. The person should avoid the bar where he used to go for drinking. The person can try new ways of living and engage himself fully in some other activities.
There are two aspects of alcoholism living with alcoholism within you or living with alcoholism in someone else. If the drinker understands the consequences of alcoholism, then he will surely try to quit drinking. This is possible in the early stage of alcoholism. He\she requires the help of others particularly the love and care of family members will help him\her to get out of alcoholism. Honesty is very essential to quit drinking. If the drinker continues to lie about the amount of alcohol consumption, then it is impossible to control alcoholism.
The best way to live with alcoholism is to avoid consuming alcohol completely. You should therefore avoid the places that will trigger the drinking habit. Spend your time with good friends. Surrounding yourself in the company of supportive friends will help you to avoid alcohol consumption. Focus your mind in some other good things. Whenever you have a craving for drinking, remember the harmful effects of alcohol and take some fresh fruit juices instead of alcohol. Also say to yourself that you are improving your health now. This will help you to avoid alcoholic consumption.

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