Life's Secret Formula for Achievement and Success

Dr. Purushothaman
August 23, 2013

Another way to describe setting a goal is 'setting our minds' on something. But how do we do that? How do we literally set our minds to achieve what we want to achieve.

My favourite enhancement is to reinforce the mind's eye images with real images, sensations and experiences. It is important to stimulate as many of our senses as possible in order to fully engage the mind. Here are some ideas to help:

I have three main goals that I am working towards as I write this article. One is to support myself and my family entirely from my work on the internet. Another is to write my first book and the third is to own a Bentley.

To make sure that I don't forget why I am doing all this work, my desk is now surrounded; the place where these things will be achieved, with images that support those goals. On the right are three pictures of the car of my dreams, in the colour that I want with an interior shot showing exactly the leather and trim combination I'm after and I've even mocked up a personal registration plate with my initials on it. What is important here is that this is a picture of My Bentley, not just any old Bentley.

Above the monitor is a mocked up cheque made out to me in the sum of $50,000 and dated exactly one year from the date that I started this goal. This is the cheque I will receive when I do what I need to do.

Finally, at the left I have the jacket from the book that I am writing; it looks like a fully finished book with me as the author and the title in big letters.

I look at these inspirations every day before I start work and they help to get me focused, but my visualization doesn't stop there.

Nest week, I am visiting a local Bentley dealership and have booked a test drive. No, I can't afford that car yet but I want to know exactly how it feels to sit in it, start the engine and cruise down the road in its sumptuous leather. I want to hold those memories so I can run them again and again.

Occasionally, I will put the cheque in the mail addressed to myself, so that I can actually have the experience of opening it. It feels great to open it over breakfast and look at the zeros. It sounds crazy, but it makes me smile every single time.

I also imaging my book jacket on the shelves of my local store and in my mind I watch people pick it up and carry it to the register.

Whenever I can, I run these scenarios through my mind and each time make them just a little more vivid and clear so that now, I can recall them at will and feel the positive
sensations as if they were real and happening right now.

After such powerful manifestations, all I have to do is keep on taking daily action and I know that at the appointed time those things and more, will all be mine.

How to support your goals with visual and sensory clues to help you keep taking action.

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