Life is a never-ending development of desires

Dr. Purushothaman
October 13, 2013

Let's attempt to explain what life is. We are talking here about life as we feel it and not in its protein existence. One way to explain it is as movement. True but we must first determine what we call movement. Take for example, balanced movement - is this considered movement or not? Einstein explained that this type of movement is relative and that under certain conditions, it isn't even movement.
Another example comes from life. There are people who are sometimes considered to "have halted their development". What does this mean? This means that a person reached a certain level and does not want to move forward toward new attainments and it's not that he just stays in one place but he actually rolls backward because the world continues to move forward. So, movement is constant development.
This term does not consider that desires are a key part of our lives. For a successful climb upward in life, it is necessary to always grow the potential of one's desires, and especially, the aspiration for development, realization and life. It is said that a person dies precisely when he no longer wants to live.
How should one develop and realize his desires? Where does one find the motivation to always aim higher and higher? In this regard, children make for a good example. They are constantly moving and searching for something. Nature constantly pushes them to develop and they happily oblige. They run around tirelessly, they draw something or other, they build, break, try to understand how something or other is made, they put everything into their mouths to try to taste it; they often do things which aren't what they need. They also constantly observe adults and repeat whatever they are doing not differentiating between good or bad - they do it simply because adults do it.
If a person wants to sense real life, or more precisely, development and movement, he has to always think how to raise his desires to a new level. Desires, after all, are the main resource, the main reason for any of man's actions.
A person can produce and develop new desires by using such human qualities as envy, passion and the desire for revenge. Although these qualities may appear negative, they can actually be useful if used correctly. A person who truly desires to be successful in life and to realize his potential, has to search for things with which he can imitate "adults" just like a child. He has to be among people with big desires and goals. Once he finds such people, he must charge himself with their energy. Then, life won't go by aimlessly. We must always be out riding the waves of a stormy ocean and living life to the maximum.
Written by Alexander Gurov (05.12.2009)

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