Life Changed Before My Eyes

Close up of woman's eyes

Dr. Purushothaman
October 9, 2013

My family has a long history of terrible skin. We have searched for relief for as long as I can remember. Nothing ever worked for my sisters acne, my mothers acne scars and sundamaged skin, my freckles and occational pimple, or my youngest sisters eczema. Although we have tried everything on planet earth from expensive doctor visits, to high end products, to the homemade concoctions that were handed down over the centuries. Still nothing ever helped. I am what my husband calls a “picker”. I pick at anything.It can be the tiniest pimple, blackhead, zit, heck a raised freckle. And before I realize it I have a huge red grapefruit size spot on my face and a softball size buise on my arm. Now I am sure you understand the grapefruit, but I am sure your asking “ softball size buise?”. Little did I know at the time but I apparently married the “picker police”. As I would pick he would not so gently pop my arm. And just as I would draw blood on myself and about to draw blood from my husbands nose he would simple look at me with those big beautiful blue eyes and southern boy grin and say “well darling you are tearing at your beautiful face”. And at this point I would be sitting there with a grapefruit on my face, a softball on my arm and the wind knocked right out of my sails and can really only be upset with myself. But life ultimately changed the morning my oldest daughter called me crying. She had worked and saved her money for prom. She paid for her own ticket, own stunning gown, and made sure everything was going to be perfect. Until that morning that she woke up with a herpes breakout just under her nose. My heart broke because I knew that there was nothing that I could do. That day I started searching for a solution for our skin problems. In my search I actually ran across and article in USA TODAY. The article was about the two young women dermatologist that created proactive. They had now created a new line of skin care products for a variety of skin types. As I read further I began to realize that there were products for each and every one of the women in my family. There was a real solution for everyday womens real skin problems. That is the day that Rodan and Fields Dermotalogy changed my world. Today, no grapefruits, no softballs, heck not even a freckle. As for my beautiful daughter, well prom was unsalvageable but she was stunning as she floated across that stage on graduation night just two months later! See how Rodan and Fields will change your life.

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