Life Alert News: One Size Fits All!

Dr. Purushothaman
September 12, 2013

What do medical alert systems have in common with one size fits all garments? Well, they both should be comfortable, versatile, economical, and able to accommodate a wide range of needs.
When making the decision on which personal emergency response system to purchase take into consideration your needs, concerns, and comfort level, as well as, which medical alert will be safer and easier for your lifestyle. Some medical alert pendants are large and bulky making it heavy to wear - let alone SLEEP with.
But with Life Alert's waterproof pendant, one size fits all, since its conveniently compact size makes it versatile to be worn either as a pendent or on the wrist, and is small enough to be tucked into a shirt or covered by a long sleeve thus keeping it out of sight.
More importantly, the lightweight, waterproof pendant is comfortable and can be used in the shower and tub. The bathroom is one of main areas where the elderly are most vulnerable. Therefore, it's imperative that an emergency response pendant be able to work where moisture, humidity, and heavy water flow occurs, while having the freedom to wear the buoyant pendant while bathing; so if you fall you can still summon emergency help.
Economically speaking, now is the time when fixed incomes have shrunken even more. Companies that promote "no contracts" actually leave their customers exposed to hidden fees, unexpected increase of monthly fees, and can even sell the account to another company leaving the user's life in the hands of an unknown company. However, Life Alert's price protection agreement provides a one size fits all type of protection since each of Life Alert's coverage packages, ranging from basic protection - to - monitored CO Gas and Smoke alarms, guarantees a fixed cost for the life of the contract, and allows the user to cancel the agreement if s/he enters into a nursing facility. Most importantly, Life Alert's membership is very affordable with basic service being less than the cost of a cell phone plan or cable service.
Life Alert accommodates a wide range of needs like a favorite, cozy bathrobe on a cold winter's night. One size fits all with Life Alert's 5 areas of protection that range from providing vital help in the event of medical emergencies, home intrusion, fire, gas poisoning, and on the go protection with the 911 mobile cell phone.
With all these options it's easy to see that one size fits all with Life Alert Protection.

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