Learning to Learn

Dr. Purushothaman
January 20, 2015

Here we are presenting some interesting facts about the following countries

France covers the most time zones in the world

Maldives many times disappears under the waves

The population in Nauru are the most overweight

In Guam roads are made of coral

For every person there are 350 sheep in Falkand Islands (UK)

Egypt is the oldest sovereign state

Canada has the highest number of lakes in the world

In Mangolia the distance between neighbors is very long

Russia has the largest number war tanks in the world

Saudi Arabia is land with no rivers

Niger is the least populated country

India is a country of diversities

Ukraine is a disappearing nation

The citizens of Malta mostly live in other countries

Monaco is the very smaller than the Central Park in New York

Suriname is a land of jungle

Haiti is a plane land

In Singapore there are no farms

In Papua New Guinea, all languages are used

Canada has the top educated people

Libya is country of desert

Somalia is the least peaceful nation

Russia is the largest producer of Oxygen in the world

Afghanistan is the biggest opium producer in the world

Highest number of prisoners are found in United States

Most people behind bars – United States

Learning to Learn

The highest per capita income in the world is in Brunei
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