Learning How to Erase Negative Subconscious Thought Habits and to Start Thinking Positive

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Dr. Purushothaman
October 3, 2013

Learning How to Erase Negative Subconscious Thought Habits and to Start Thinking Positive....

Possibly you understand that subconscious mind is very responsive on whatever you give it Even if we are not aware of it, we're constantly communicating with our subconscious mind and the LOA. Every thought mixed with a lot of emotion or repetitive thought is picked up. This makes faith one of the most powerful human emotions and thoughts.

A strong expectation activates the immense creative power and can be easily manifested in the real world. But many people are gloomy and therefore feel negative emotions more frequently than positive feelings. Worry, fear, and stress are destructive emotions that leads to negative subconscious programming.

The more time that you spend in a negative state of mind, and the more negative emotions that you are feeling, the more the dissatisfaction you'll find in your experience. You may attract the people, situations, and the circumstances that may add worry and stress your life. This is something that can be quite easily cured nonetheless and it just takes a conscious call to observe or your thoughts and feelings.

Feelings arise from our deeper selves, they're in essence a steering system to tell us whether we are thinking about what we want or what we do not need. When you're feeling negatively, either troubling about the past or a future event, you're thinking negatively and considering things that you don't desire.

It is possible to modify the thoughts as they arise and switch them for more positive, constructive thoughts. When you're feeling your mood change and start to feel positive feelings, you may know that you are now tempting the things into your life which will please you.

It may be difficult at first to watch your thoughts, but just as with anything else in life, practice is essential. Take the time and effort to gain control of your conscious thinking mind, so that you can only programme your subconscious with thoughts of things that you do wish to occur. This will be an investment in yourself which will be of benefit to you for an entire life.

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