Learning About The Anxiety Symptoms

Young man clenching his teeth, pulling his hair, suffering from stress

Dr. Purushothaman
September 24, 2013

Oftentimes, when talking about anixety symptoms, it is not a good idea to think of it in isolated terms.

You will find more than 100 anxiety symptoms, and you do not have to experience them all to be able to be correctly diagnosed. What's of paramount importance to stress out right here is the fact that anxiety symptoms are each bodily and psychological, and their strength and predominance depend around the factors which set off anxiety, individual uniqueness and life style. Counselors always look at a lot more than fears when analyzing the person's situation, and lots of issues have to be checked.

Physique anxiety symptoms

-muscle spasms;
-all sorts of sensitivity reactions;
-body pains;
-change in body temperatures;
-chest discomfort and chest tightness;
-shortness of breathing;
-chronic tiredness;
-excess of power;
-weight loss or weight gain etc.

All of the above could point to an entire variety of problems and diseases, that is why they ought to be evaluated in parallel with moods, emotional modifications, mindset and anxieties.


-altered state of reality;
-afraid of everything: germs, crowds, animals, monetary troubles etc;
-fear of death;
-fear of going insane;
-fear of losing control etc.

These fears can be combined with lots of different mental manifestations labeled as anxiety symptoms like:

-hypersensitivity or desensitization;
-memory loss and incapability to concentrate;
-difficulty following discussions;
-obsessions about how you feel and how to get better;
-thoughts, images, tunes and rhymes which follow the thoughts and replay over and over again etc.

It is hoped what you will have found up to now connected with anxiety symptoms, likewise additionally the particular info regarding anxiety self help, is going to be helpful for you. Please continue reading additionally to receive supplemental information about this subject.

Moods and Feelings

There are lots of emotional anxiety symptoms, plus they also need great treatment and utmost focus from the therapist. Among probably the most frequent symptoms that have been noted in colaboration with anxiety problems, we could mention:

-abrupt mood modifications;
-detachment from family and friends;
-emotional numbness;
-feeling on the edge;
-feeling terrified;
-no longer enjoying issues that you loved;
-a sense of being under stress all the time period and so on.

It is probably that anxiety symptoms will challenge your rest too. While some individuals suffer from sleeping disorders, others feel drowsy or exhausted all of the time period. It is also common to jolt up awake or to get up in the middle of the anxiety assault. Bad dreams, poor and bizarre dreams have a higher incidence rate too.

Medication could support decrease the anxiety symptoms, nevertheless, drugs cannot be used indefinitely, which suggests the patient must study how to deal with anxiety through treatment and self-help methods. You ought to use the relief time period that the drugs grant you to understand your troubles, start operating on your inner issues and study how to battle anxiety on your own.

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