Learn How to Manage Time and Lead a Happy Life

Dr. Purushothaman
October 4, 2013

The importance of time is not unknown but still we fail to maintain a proper balance between work and family. As we grow our responsibilities also grows and we cannot be dependent on our parents throughout our life. Many times, we find the 24 hours in a day is not enough for us to accomplish our everyday activities and crave for more. Some of the reasons being not being interested for doing things, feeling lazy, and keep the task for a later date. However, learning how to manage anger can help you overcome this problem and can help us manage time between work and family.

Planning, scheduling, and prioritizing are some of the important aspects of time management. At times, we have lots to accomplish, which cannot be possible without proper planning. Therefore, before beginning to do any task you should plan properly and try to work on the task accordingly. After planning, it is important to prepare a schedule, which is important to organize task in a particular manner. Scheduling is important, as it helps individuals accomplish task in a quick and efficient manner. Another important factor of time management is prioritizing. Prioritizing tasks can help an individual know the important tasks he or she need to complete in a day. To learn how to manage anger, it is important to learn these three basic things of time management.

Not only adults but also children should also learn how to manage time, as it can help them have a better future. Moreover, they become more organized and learn to handle tasks in a systematic manner. Children who learn time management skills to utilize their time for studying and for doing other important work. Parents should themselves practice time management skills, as an inspiration for their children rather than preaching or shouting at them to learn to manage time. Parents should never forget that they were kids at some time and that encouragement is better than shouting and scolding.

According to Randy Pausch, a well-known professor at Mellon University, we should not waste time doing activities that only seem to be urgent but are not important. Rather, suggested that we should spend time on activities that are really important and useful although they might not seem critical. For example, activities such as meeting the doctor and paying loans are both important and urgent whereas activities such as reading junk mail are neither important nor urgent. Following the important time management techniques that are planning, scheduling, and prioritizing can help us know whether one task is important or not.

To learn how to manage time, individuals should make random lists of the tasks, as well as mention the stipulated time period they need to complete the task. Make sure to keep the list in front of your eyes so that it can help you remember which task to do at what particular time. Moreover, preparing a list of important tasks can help individuals overcome procrastination. There are books on time management teaching effective time management tips, which one can read at his or her own sweet time. To learn to manage time one should practice time management, which can help them increase productivity and make their life more meaningful.


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