Leading a Successful Life; Pay Attention to Your Studies

Dr. Purushothaman
October 1, 2013

This article is for every one who is new to college territory and trying to wrap their thoughts around substantial change in life. It is true that every new student in college feels like "what an odd place", "this was so not mentioned in the brochure!", "just see those attitudes" college may seem a bit uncomfortable in the beginning but its up-to you how soon you adjust. When you go to a place that's alien to you, you are the one who has to show compromise. Whole college population won't transform to meet true to your expectations but you have to mold your self into the needed composure.

College is way too important in a student's life to waste in dramas and dressing-up. It is indeed over rated, the whole romance and partying and everything. College is more about college essays and term papers, that actually determine if you pass at the end of a year or not. What you do outside of your class room isn't anyway anyone's concern but yours. When you don't study and learn what you heard in a class after that particular lecture, it's of no use. Its not that you are suppose to keep on studying twenty four and seven but you must split some time zones for giving every aspect of your life equal importance.

So when you are going to be a college student, you are required to act like one too. Being in a college is a big responsibility that must be fulfilled with fervor. Not just your parents but you, your self have loads of expectations from you. It is important for you that you act as a responsible pupil and never neglect any of your academic papers. Term papers are deemed as the very most acute projects to undertake as they evaluate your perspicacity on a particular subject for a whole year. These papers prove whether you gave attention to class lectures and took notes the whole year. So you must not take them as a trivial chore and must give your complete attention.

Telling you about a specific paper is a way to make you aware of the importance of it in your career. You must give your utter concentration on every single assignment and furthermore know before they fall on you. Apart from term papers, there are many other projects that you are bound to execute and do with perfection. But all this takes is your interest and zeal in life. Most of the students who are aim less, in general, tend not to pay much attention to all these things. If you are a passionate person and dream of making a name for yourself and gaining fame; be sure that you are giving attention to your academic chores.

It is not even about college but about you and your success. Being referred to as adults in college, most of them get carried away and forget they arrive here to study. Knowing your duties and fulfilling them accordingly is actually way of leading a righteous life.


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