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Dr. Purushothaman
December 12, 2013

What are the secrets of leadership success? If you were to be asked this kind of question, what would you answer? Apart from communication, leadership values and ethics also play important roles in making leadership a success. These two elements define what kind of a leader a person is, which pretty much tells whether or not a leader can successfully direct those who report to him or her.

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While the thought of leadership values and ethics can be intimidating, you simply need to remember that without the right values and ethics, there is no way for followers to believe in their leaders. The values and ethics that a leader has pretty much determine how the people who report to him or her would show him or her respect. And without earning people's respect, motivating them to give their best in what they are doing can prove to be challenging.

Keep in mind that the values and ethics that a leader has can either undermine the goals of the company or take the company a step closer to achieving its goals. The values and ethics that a leader has are not something that they are born with, they can always be learned. This simply means that if an organization believes that the values and ethics of a leader need to be improved, the necessary steps should be put into action.

An organization can bring in a professional coach to help develop good value and ethics among its leaders. Certain training and development programs can also be formulated so that these two factors can be improved.

There are several other ways to develop leadership values and ethics in the workplace. What is important is that the actions that a company takes should be carried in a way that they address what needs to be improved.

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