Law of Attraction:Live Your Dreams

Dr. Purushothaman
October 6, 2013

Law of attraction says that anything you think and believe will come into reality. When you are optimistic on achieving something, most likely you are going to achieve it. But when you allow yourself to think negatively, expect negative things to happen. The principle is pretty simple but the difficulty lies in the practice. But when you know some tips, you will realize that there is an easy way to live the belief.

Do not be attached to the results
The law is known to give us what we desire. But it would be totally crazy to believe that all you desire will come into reality like magic. It is not some magic. We need to do our part and work into the realization of what we want. You should not let yourself get attached to the result if you want the law to work for you. Think of the positive outcomes but do not dwell on them too much whatever the outcome s are. In this manner you avoid being frustrated and will not attract negative energy.

Be happy with what you have

When you say you are happy it is definitely not the same with being contented. Be happy with all the material possessions you have and the people around you because this is the only way you can avoid being depressed. and negative feelings repel the law. Positivism coupled with all your wishes will make all things in your favor. You r efforts will be geared towards achieving what you want and you do this with a light heart. Avoid thinking of what is lacking in your life because it will show.

Know the real reason of what you want

It is very important to know the reason why would want things to happen in your life or why you want to possess some things. Knowing the reasons will direct your actions and that will give you idea on where you are going - and these all will determine your goals. Without a goal you will not have a gauge of what you have achieved.

Make visualization of your dreams a habit

Our brain is always in a neutral state. You can tell the brain whatever you want it to think without you having to take into account the results. Using creative visualization you will be able to attract positive vibes to happen. You will see how effective law of attraction can be to your life.

Exert effort

You will have to exert all efforts to get what you want so that you make things happen. Without you acting on what you want, nothing will happen. Whenever you think, actions must go with it- without the other, you are expecting nothing.

Many people will be able to tell you that law of attraction is true. There are a lot of people who can attest that the law works. You will find famous people in the net.

Their testimony will tell you that it works! Read some more article or law of attraction quotes so you will know.

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