Law of Attraction Truths & Myths

Dr. Purushothaman
October 6, 2013

The Law of Attraction is based on principles such as "like attracts like" and "you get what you focus on". There is a lot that has been written on the subject and the law of attraction is a very popular concept in the self-improvement community.

The concept seems simple but there are some real truths and myths that are not always discussed.

Truths to the Law of Attraction

One major truth is that the Law of Attraction does work. You will attract back to you the kind of energy that you put out. For example if you are projecting fear and anger then you can bet you will attract back fear and anger. Knowing this we can actually begin to control our daily experiences but controlling what type of energy we put out into the world.

The second major truth is that we all use the Law of Attraction daily whether we realize it or not. The problem comes in when we realize we are not necessarily attracting all of the things that we want.

Myths behind the Law of Attraction

A very strong myth that is not always discussed is how difficult the Law of Attraction can be to put into practice positively. As someone who has spent a lot of time learning about the subject, figuring out how energy works and experimenting with it - I have had many moments of feeling like a failure because I don't seem to be able to attract certain things in my life that I desire.

These feelings of failure and of shame that so many have experienced after learning about how energy works can be extremely hard to deal with. After all, who wants to be responsible for every event and every action in their life? That can not only be hard to accept but also very difficult to deal with.

It Takes a Lot of Practice

Using the Law of Attraction to your benefit does take a lot of practice. It is not just a quick fix as many would like you to believe. It is a way of life and consequently takes a lifetime of continuous practice.

A Little Help Along the Way

After living the concept of the Law of Attraction for a number of years I have found one thing that greatly helps me to keep a positive frame of mind and allows me to really focus on exerting only positive and beneficial energy. The use of binaural beats has made a major difference in my life.

Binaural beats are a type of brainwave entrainment. They are 100% safe and totally scientifically proven. Basically by working with your brainwave frequencies, you can help to keep your mind open and clear and only to allow in positive energy.

I have gotten fairly good at working with my energy but there are always setbacks. During these times I plug into my binaural beats and allow my brain to refocus and work with my subconscious mind.

It can be very rewarding to work with your own energy and to realize how much control you have over your own life. I would only suggest that you be patient with yourself and if you need a little help along the way... get it.

Binaural beats have made a big difference for me and if anyone else out there sometimes needs a little help to stay on track I would highly recommend trying them.

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