Law Of Attraction: Its Power

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Dr. Purushothaman
October 6, 2013

People all over the world do their best to attract the positive and let go of the negative, it is a belief that attracts what is liked upon, it tells that the positive and negative thinking affects the action of a person, Law of Attraction believes that if a person thinks that he will be successful in a particular field it will show in his action and will really be successful, everything is in the state of mind.

Law of Attraction tells that if a person tells “I need to improve” this subject will continue to control the person saying it and will be seen in his action. He or she will do his best just to improve because it is in his or her state of mind. It tells that if a person likes or is attracted to something, that something tells about him or her, partly it describes his or her personality and characteristics as a person.

Why is Law of Attraction powerful?

1.) Power Attractor
Law of Attraction empowers a person to attract what you want by selection rather than elimination, a person will select what he wants rather than eliminate those things that he do not want. It is a matter of choice. Human beings try to attract the positive and disregard those things that cause the negative.

2.) A Law which is Universal
Law of Attraction is a universal law; it can be applied in any circumstances, in any situation of different people in different places. This law is applied to manifest the things that you want to achieve in life; people do this in any part of the universe, by anyone from any race, no exception. It differs on the way they handle it.

3.) Power of Today
Law of Attraction starts with what is present and what you have now. This law empowers you to enjoy and be happy of what you want even if its in your thought only, the power of today helps you to be aware of what is with you, for example, if you want to get trich you must be aware of what you have at present because it is where you will start. Everything starts from within, from what is there and on what is given.

4.) It is Yourself alone.
Law of Attraction empowers you to understand that you will be successful in life with the help of yourself alone, no one in this world could ever decide for your success, people around you can help to motivate and inspire you but to work for you and act for you, they cannot. You are the driver of your own destiny, you may have techniques and approaches to life that is different from theirs so at the end of the day, you are still the responsible of your success, is to select those things that will let help you improve or welcome those that will let you down.

5.) Reality, it’s the way we create it.
I believe that a person creates his or her own reality, Law of Attraction empowers a person to understand his or her needs and demands in life, this law believes that the observant creates an effect to the reality. Who is the observant? The observant is the person itself, if the person is aware that he or she needs to do something because he wants it this will create a change in his life and will affect his reality. As we all know, we create our own life and this is our reality. Whatever is the outcome, we must face it.

6.) Timing
Law of Attraction believes that great timing empowers an individual to manifest what he really wants in life, for example, if a person wants to invest money on a particular business and time would not allow him to because of some circumstances, a person should wait for the right timing for everything because I believe that whatever desire that you want in your life, it will be done on the right time and place.
Law of Attraction may come in different packages in various people but in any way or another it is still applicable and it is universal and irrevocable. Its power defines a person's personality and the way how he or she thinks towards life. Law of Attraction is powerful and so you are.

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