Law of Attraction --- Are You on the Right Road?

Dr. Purushothaman
October 6, 2013

Law of Attraction - Are You on the Right Road?

Law of attraction. The Secret. Powerful Intentions. Magick. We've all heard of these terms, but do we really understand them? Law of attraction and magick work whether we believe in anything or not, but we can have the advantage of choosing what all works for us if we do believe.

For some people, the art of allowing can be very hard to understand or even do. We want to believe that our dreams will come true, but deep down inside we're worried that they may not. When it comes down to it, our dreams will come true just as long as we "trust in the Universe." If you truly believe that you were put on Earth for a reason, then why should you doubt that your "reason for being here" won't ever come to be?

Let it go. Those three words are very simple. Let it go. Let go of your fears, worries, and uncertainty. Trust that the Universe and fate are working to tilt favorable odds in your direction. The things you wish for haven't manifested yet, but you're still alive, right? They'll manifest once you let go of your worries and let the law of attraction do its work.

Your actions and beliefs from the past led you to where you are today, and your actions and beliefs in the present will take you to your next destination. If you're not happy with the road you're currently on, then get off it. Change directions. Trust that Universe will deliver you to your dream destination and it will. Continue worrying, and you'll continue walking the same road forever.

The law of attraction will only bring you more of what you're feeling, so if you're feeling worry and uncertainty, that's exactly what you're going to continue receiving. Let it all go and believe in the happy things, and the law of attraction will finally lead you down a path toward more happiness.

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