Know the Important Steps to File Workplace Accident Compensation

Dr. Purushothaman
December 5, 2013

All the employers have a legal binding to make sure that their employees work in a safe and protected environment. However, mishaps at work can happen to anyone at any time due to the negligence of the employer or due to the recklessness of the colleagues or due to faulty work environment. And if you have endured any kind of damage or sustained an injury due to a misfortune at your workplace, immediately file for workplace accident compensation.

In case you have decided to take a legal step and sue your employer for his negligence, then make sure that you have all the evidence to prove that the mishap could have been avoided, had the organization or the employer taken proper measures. You can either claim under the workers’ compensation process or you will have to sue him. Whatever, way you choose, ensure that your injury is covered under the work accident compensation plan. And to file a successful work injury claim, you have to follow some steps.

Seek Medical Help: In case you have some grave injury, seek medical attention immediately. However, if the damage doesn’t look too grave, then go to see a doctor after finishing the formalities at your workplace. It is important to get medical attention as the injuries which might not look serious might become a cause of pain and suffering later. Also, medical reports and documents are needed to file any compensation claim.

Inform about the mishap to your employer: Immediately after the mishap, if the injury is very grave seek medical attention and soon after that report about the claim to your employer. Make sure that all the details are recorded in the organization’s employee accident book. Make sure that you only account the information about the mishap and do not point out faults.

Collect evidence and all witnesses’ details: Gather all the evidence and proofs of your wound and damages. If possible, take photographs of the place where the mishap occurred along with the photographs of your evident wounds. Cuts and injuries might heal and become pale; hence it is important to have their photographs for record usage. Also, collect the name and all contact details of the bystanders. Their description and statements are very important for a successful compensation claim.

Have a proper documentation and written record: Ensure that you record and document all the details of the mishap. You should not only mention the conditions and the circumstances that led to the accident, but also record the date, time, location, means of injury and also the negligent reason. All this data is very important and should be kept very safely so that you have more chances of making a successful workplace accident compensation claim.

Do not own up the liability or reconcile without advice: Many times, when an employee files a claim against his employer, the employer or his insurer pushes him for an out of court settlement. If same is the case with you, do not decide on any settlement offer, neither admit your fault, without an expert’s advice. There are chances that because of lack of legal knowledge, you might settle for a lesser compensation than what you are entitled for.

Always remember that your employer cannot fire or single you out because you filed a workplace accident compensation claim against him; hence do not fear or avert yourself from filing a claim. Your one legal step can better the conditions and stop any other mishap in the future.

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