Do You Know the Problems of Low Blood Pressure

Dr. Purushothaman
January 7, 2018

Low blood pressure is commonly known as hypotension. When a person has low blood pressure, the pressure of the blood in the arteries goes down in an abnormal way. Low blood pressure is not to be feared at all. But if it goes down to a really low level, then you need to worry as it fan stop the blood flow to the brain as well as the other organs of the body, which will lead to dizziness and unsteady moves. In short, it becomes an obstacle to lead a fit and healthy life.

The common causes of low blood pressure are:

  • Heavy blood loss during pregnancy or injury

  • Bloodstream infections

  • Disorders of the endocrine such as thyroid and diabetes

  • Side effects of medicines

  • Defect in the circulation due to heart attacks

Some of the common symptoms of low blood pressure are:

Palpitation of the heart

As low blood pressure is caused due to the reason that there is not sufficient blood reaching the vital organs as well as other parts of the body, it will result in heart palpitation. Even though there are a lot of other factors that can be the cause of heart palpitation, it is seen that insufficient amount of blood with rich oxygen supply will lead result in heart palpitations. Even if heart palpitation is not so harmful, you need to treat it at the earliest as soon as you find the symptoms.


Dizziness can be found as a common symptom of low blood pressure. This is due to the fact that the body is not able to get the right amount of oxygen and this can make you feel lightheaded and weak. At times dizziness can affect our sensory organs such as eyes and ears. At this point, we feel like fainting. The symptom vanishes as soon as you take up the treatment for the same. If you experience dizziness due to low blood pressure, make sure to drink a lot of water each day, preferably 3 liters a day. Drink water without any fail if you want a healthy life.


This is a common symptom that comes before you faint. You will be able to experience that your body becomes heavier than ever. This can be the reason that you are having low blood pressure. Keeping yourself hydrated can prevent you from experiencing this condition to a very large extent. Make sure that you avoid alcohol consumption and tobacco.


Low blood pressure will also give you nausea. This is a condition where you always feel like vomiting, but you really are not throwing up. It can be the result of various causes and low blood pressure can be one among them. Drinking a sufficient amount of water all through the day, taking good rest, eating in small portions, keeping of any kind of activity after meals and eating light food as snacks can help avoid nausea to a great extent.


A common condition faced by people who have low pressure is fainting. The reason is that when you have low blood pressure, you will have a sudden drop in the pressure of the blood. The brain naturally will not be getting sufficient oxygen rich blood, leading to fainting. When you experience fainting, or when you see a person in such a situation, lying with raised leg will prevent further complications. This will increase the flow of blood to the head. Moreover, it is essential to stay hydrated.

Blurring of the vision

Whenever you find double vision, you need to check the blood pressure immediately, as it could be due to low blood pressure. The low supply of blood with oxygen can be the reason for this. When you consume food that increases the blood pressure, you will be able to get better relief. Hydration all through the day is also necessary.

Other symptoms

Lack of concentration, pale, clammy skin, shallow breathing, de-hydration, depressions, weakness, chest-pain and orthostatic hypotension are the other symptoms of low blood pressure. When you experience any of the above mentioned symptoms, you need to take immediate steps. Consult your doctor and take the precautionary measures as soon as possible if you need to stay healthy.

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