Know How Energy Healing Therapy Works

Dr. Purushothaman
October 8, 2013

There are many types and methods of energy healing techniques but it is a very basic question that how energy healing works. Answer to this question has two approaches i.e. scientific and traditional.

We know that human has his own energy field generated by the body itself and has been widely studied. Every part or process taking place in body produce specific set of energy fields that travel through the tissue and then flow into the space around the body. When a nerve conducts an electrical signal, a muscle shows a movement, a gland secretes an enzyme of any other fluid, the skin is touched or when a cell changes its function then characteristic electrical currents are produced. These currents are strongest at the site where the activity takes place and these are also conducted by surrounding tissues to a certain distance. The flow of current is also in the specific path rather than going randomly because some tissue components are good conductors for electricity and the flow of this current also give rise the magnetic fields which are created in the space around the body. Modern scientific research in the field of bio-magnetic fields is made possible through the technological breakthrough. One of the inventions of modern science is SQUID which is superconducting quantum interference device. It is highly sensitive bio-magnetic field measuring instrument capable of measuring the bio-magnetic field produced by a single heart beat, a muscle twitch or some neural activity in brain. This instrument is also used in different research centers for different purposes. The magnetic signals detected by the SQUID give us scientific evidence on the existence and reality of energy healing techniques.

There are many types of healing methods and the most commonly used among them is Qigong and Reiki. There are different types of healing techniques such as hands on, hands off and distant healing in which the healer and patient are in two different locations. According to many healers, the healing is universal and anyone can do that but the process of healing requires study and practice. Among many methods, the most commonly practiced are therapeutic touch, healing touch, esoteric healing, Qigong healing, Reiki, Pranic healing, crystal healing and distant healing. Most of the healing techniques focus on balancing the chakras. Chakras are energy centers in the body which are vital to health. They are total seven in number and each chakra is located at specific point and is given a specific color.

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