Do You Know the Health benefits of Resistance Training

resistance training

Dr. Purushothaman
July 29, 2017

Exercising has become very popular these days. People these days, know the importance of good health and a healthy body. When we perform any kind of physical activity, it gives a whole lot of benefits for the body. A lot of physical activities as well as trainings can be done. Resistance training is one among these. Resistance training is mostly done by athletes and weight lifters. When you practice resistance training exercises, you will be able to improve the strength as well as performance of the body to a very large extent.

What really is Resistance training?

With resistance training, we are able to push our muscles to work in the opposite direction to the additional force or the additional force. Training with weights, especially by lifting them can be called as resistance. There are two kinds of exercises for Resistance training. They are:

  1. Isotonic Exercise: This kind of exercise is a kind of training that makes use of the movements of the muscles in the back, arms, stomach and legs. Resistance equipment like dumbbells, body weight and barbells are used while doing pushups and sit ups.
  2. Isometric Exercise: Such a kind of exercise for resistance training is done for the purpose of increasing the strength of the muscles and to gain fitness. When the muscles of the body are strengthen the resistance of the muscles is increased too. This will help in the building of the muscles to a very large extent.

People following perfect resistance training routines can gain a lot of benefits to their health. Some of the major benefits are mentioned below.

Develop Muscle strength- When you choose to do resistance training, you will be able to increase the strength of the muscles and make the muscle group more firm. Such a kind of training is very important for most athletes, who need to improve the strength of their muscles. It is a proven fact that resistance exercise meant of the legs are able to strengthen the legs.

Develop the density of bones- Studies show that with resistance training, you will be able to increase the bone mineral density of the BMD. It is also proved that elderly people who take up resistance training will be able to get rid of Osteoporosis.

Helps in burning the abdominal fat- Burning of the abdominal fat is possible when you take up resistance training. This is same as other hard core sport activities like swimming. The fat that is stored in the abdominal part can be eliminated with resistance training.

Increases the metabolism of the body- With resistance training, you will be able to improve the metabolism rate of the body. In short, it will help the body to get rid of the calories that are present inside the body.

Other major benefits

Performing resistance training exercise will help you in many ways. It reduces the level of the cholesterol, reduces the risk of heart diseases, decreases blood pressure, help the loss loss of excess body weight, helps in preventing stroke, gain a good and healthy brain, prevent diabetes and more.

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