Is the Law of Attraction for real?

Dr. Purushothaman
October 6, 2013

One client asked me, "What if all this visualisation and positive self-talk is all just rubbish? I fear feeling ridiculous."

I have thought about this question for a long time. Basically it always boils down to the nature of truth and belief.

How do we know anything is 'true'? Basically we feel something is true after repeated evidence of such a thing. This is why it is easy for humans to believe any kind of truth. For example, many feel it is 'true' that Jesus is the son of God. They just 'know' it. Why do they know it? they have read enough stories and listened to enough people who say so, that they come to accept it as true. They internalise the idea as truth and come to feel it in their bones. Focus on something long enough and see and feel it repeated enough, then you will come to know this as 'truth'. Can we prove it? No, not really. This is where 'faith' takes over. Repetition and faith confirms the Truth.

Enter Science as the answer to faith: it is the gap between proof and believing. Science was designed as definitive Truth, based on quantitative measurements. Evidence was proof of truth.

Science gave us the flat earth, and then it gave us the round earth. Science gave us a sun revolving around the earth and then it gave us the earth revolving around the sun.

Science discovered that our senses are a poor translator of experience. Dogs smell better than us, birds see better than us, and many animals sense things long before we ever do. We need machines like telescopes, microscopes, and antennas to interpret the universe around us. The upshot? Our senses and science are probably nowhere near to identifying the Truth. Nothing is definitely the Truth. However, science is revealing more and more insights each day.

How do we know anything is true? We sense it. We make a leap of faith. We look for evidence, find it repeatedly, and then adopt the beliefs as truth.

It is no different with the Law of Attraction.

Science has shown us (so far) that when you look at the basic component of mass that it is energy. Energy has distinct properties such as vibration, frequencies, and the attraction to other energy waves of the same vibration. All this underpins the personal development assertions: focus on what you desire, feel the emotions of experiencing it already, release any blocking energies of doubt, and take actions based on your intuitive nudges to attract all that you desire.

So, is the Law of Attraction for real?

Truth is, I don't know.

It might be, it might not.

Consider the most important questions about any belief, whether it be science, religion or the Law of Attraction:

1. Does it feel good?
2. Is it of benefit to myself and others?
3. Does it improve the quality of my life?

If your belief, your Truth, resonates positively to these questions, then you are on a winner.

For me, the Law of Attraction does feel good, it is of benefit to me and others as I focus on positive intentions, feeling good, and letting go of worry, doubt, and stress, and yes - it does improve the quality of my life.

Does it really matter if the Law of Attraction is 'proven' to be real? For me, not one little bit. Substitute 'religion' for Law of Attraction and you have the same effect.

I have no problem whatsoever if people feel religion feels good, is of benefit to themselves and others, and improves the quality of their life.

So for me, believing in the Law of Attraction feels great. And if it feels great, then I'm doin' it.

Yours in good vibrations,


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