Is Positive Attitude Simply Escapism?

Dr. Purushothaman
October 3, 2013

A "positive attitude" is viewed by most people as a delusional facade place on by insecure folks, to mask an underlying ocean of pain and uncertainty. In fact, most individuals feel this manner concerning self-improvement as a whole.
And definitely, a lot of insecure folks do have interaction during this sort of behavior. But, they're not truly practicing self-improvement or having a positive attitude...they're simply escaping from reality.
A genuinely positive angle is the disposition to be optimistic towards things that are presently unknown and it will apply to several different contexts.
For instance, you'll be able to have a positive angle towards individuals whom you don't recognize well. This is kind of like the "innocent until proven guilty" concept. Since you will not recognize enough about somebody to form a concrete judgment about him, you hold him during a positive light by default.

You'll be able to have a positive attitude towards your goals, feeling such as you "have what it takes" to attain them. This perspective goes hand-in-hand with self-esteem. An individual of high self-esteem can feel capable to deal with the challenges of reality, so as to understand their goals.
But why could be a positive perspective necessary? What purpose will it serve?
Well, like many things in life, the attitude that you approach something with will have an effect on your perception and ultimately your actions. As an example, if you view folks as friendly, honest and ought to have respect then you may approach new folks with openness and acceptance, which in turn will typically build them behave in the ways that you expected of them. Contrastingly, if you view people as mean, dishonest and threats to your well-being then you'll approach new individuals with suspicion and distance, which in flip will usually create them behave within the ways you expected of them.
When approaching new goals, a pessimistic attitude will significantly reduce your motivation and prevent you from taking the risks and extra effort that is necessary to push through the inevitable obstacles and challenges. An optimistic angle can help you settle for the chance of your goals and make you willing to endure the trials along the approach, because you recognize that it's price it.
A lot of than that, our brains become smitten by no matter emotional states that they are most used to experiencing. A one that feels happy and optimistic towards life customarily can feel the will to twist events, folks and circumstances in an exceedingly positive light, so as to maintain his emotional state. Equally, a one who feels negative and pessimistic towards life as a rule will feel the will to twist events, individuals and circumstances during a negative light, so as to take care of his emotional state.
To twist things in an exceedingly positive lightweight does not mean being delusional. Again, many individuals are delusional and do keep things positive to the point of escaping reality. Our goal here is to require things that are UNKNOWN in some respects and read those elements in a very positive light for the time being, till we have a tendency to work out the particular situation.

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