Is Online Behavioral Sciences Training Right for Me?

Dr. Purushothaman
October 7, 2013

The study of human behavior is a broad subject that can be applied to numerous careers and educational paths. Online accredited colleges and universities offer various degree programs in behavioral sciences and related fields. Students deciding if this major is for them will find a plethora of opportunities inside and outside the classroom.

Understanding human behavior is a complex area but education gives students the knowledge needed to step into a career. Training explores human action and how that affects everyday relationships and thought processes. Deciding whether or not online education is the right fit is a matter of looking at career goals and matching them against what type of education is needed. Three general steps can be followed to find out if behavioral science is the right choice.

Step One: Research Career Options

Before choosing an online degree program students need to know what career opportunities are available for behavioral science majors. Career possibilities include:

Social Worker
Criminal Profiler
Market Researcher
Family Therapist
Pastoral Counselor

These career options and more are available after completing the required schooling. Learning about career options prior to enrolling in a program will help students determine if training in behavioral science is for them. Each career field has different educational standards and understanding requirements will help students choose the appropriate program.

Step Two: Choose a Degree Program

Students will have a hard time finding the right training for them without the proper knowledge. Researching the field will provide students with the understanding of what types of degrees are available online. Education can be pursued as a major at the bachelor's, master's, and doctoral level of study. Two main fields exist, which include the neural-decision sciences and the social-communication sciences. Neural-decision sciences explore human thought processes and anatomy interaction. Social-communication sciences examine the effect of language and communication on society. Within these fields of study students can choose a concentration in areas like social psychology and anthropology. Other possible degree programs online include counseling, pastoral counseling, sociology, psychology, and human development. Programs can also be entered as a minor within a business administration degree program to supplement training.

Step Three: Complete a Degree

Once students have properly determined if this field is for them, completing a degree is the final step to entering a career. Education length changes within degrees and specific concentrations. Some may require students to complete a two-year associate's degree and others may require students to complete a master's degree.

Researching career and educational options are the two primary goals for students that are still deciding on earning an accredited behavioral science degree online. Accreditation is provided to schools that offer students the best quality education. Agencies like the Distance Education and Training Council DETC) can fully accredited qualifying programs. Having that knowledge will prepare students to make an informed decision. Students should begin the process now by looking at what career field they want to enter.

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