Is my medical alert system covered under Medicare?

Dr. Purushothaman
September 12, 2013

Is my medical alert system covered under Medicare?
Some areas you may want to take into consideration when choosing the best company for your medical alert system?
These systems are best used for seniors or those with disabilities or anyone who are at risk of loosing their independence. These systems can be an inexpensive alternative to 24 hour in home care.
Medical alert systems work through your phone system already in your home. Its installed easily and only requires a base unit and telephone cord to connect. When you need assistance whether it's a medical emergency or just need help while you are home, you can press your medical alert button that you wear around your neck or wrist as a bracelet. Once that button is pressed, it summons a professional certified trained attendant at an emergency response center that will speak to you directly through your device. The certified attendant can speak to you loud and clear through the device even if you are not in the same room as the base unit. The certified attendant will ask specific questions in order to get an understanding of what the situation is, if it requires emergency help, they can summons help for you immediately while they remain on the phone with you. If the situation is not a medical emergency, you just need the help of a family member or friend, they can contact one of the people you listed as your responders. You never have to be worried about being home alone.
Features of Medical Alert Systems
There are many features and options that these systems provide including:
• Long medical alert button range - Rescue Alert of California has a range of over 600 feet and in open air test up to 1,000 feet distance, so you can be sure that from anywhere in your home, you can easily call for help
• Backup battery life extends over 90 hours
• Attendants that answer your call for help are EMD Certified
• Testing of the equipment is important and is done periodically. Rescue Alert also encourages users to test their buttons to make sure they are comfortable with the system and understands how it works in the event of an emergency
• Low battery detection and reporting
Some additional features and options include:
• Inactivity alarm where the attendant periodically checks in and if no response is received, they will summon help
• Medical reminders can be scheduled to take medications, reminders for doctors appointments and more
• Language interpretation services for non-English speaking customers
These Systems are Low Cost
There are many alert systems to choose, however there are few that offer rental and purchase options at a low cost and no setup or activation fees!
• You can own a medical alert system for less than 50¢ a day
• Purchase the equipment for a low one-time price of $199 and the lowest monthly monitoring of $15.95
• Renting the equipment is easy and there is not setup fee or activation fees, just a low rental cost
• Get a 30 Day Risk Free Guarantee
• There are never any contracts or commitments with a Rescue Alert of CA medical alert system - you can cancel anytime - hassle free!
• Get a Free Gift when you order today
Are Medical Alert Systems covered under Medicare or Medicaid?
Medicare does not cover the cost of your alert system, however there are some regional programs and insurance carriers that will. It's important to understand your options and what costs they will cover.

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