Is Energy Healing For You?

Dr. Purushothaman
October 8, 2013

Energy healing has a variety of different explanations amongst the various cultures. In traditional Chinese Medicine, it is thought that energy healing removes any blockages in the meridians, which are the energy pathways that run through the body. Other healers believe that that energy healing works by balancing and stabilizing the chakras, which are a series of energy centers in the body that correspond to the endocrine glands. There are then again those that believe that energy healing is nothing more than the powerful work of God.

The fundamental energy that permeates and animates our minds and bodies has a lot of different names in the various nations across our globe. In China it is known as chi, ki in Japan, mana in Hawaii, prana in India, wakan among the Lakota Indians and bio-energy among the Western healers. Healing with energy involves directing and intensifying this life-force energy to make ones body stronger.

In theory, some scientists believe that healing with energy works, because by placing things or people in close proximity to each other they actually resonate together. This explains why disembodied animal hearts, when kept alive in a lab and placed near each other, begin to beat in unison. On another level, if you place a happy and a sad person together, the one will start to feel the others emotions.

Energy healers use their hands to set up a high-vibration energy field. The person receiving the treatment then begins to resonate and entrain in response to this energy. The practitioner who is doing the treatment is not healing, but rather, the patients body is provided with more life-energy and it naturally heals itself according to its own spontaneous wisdom.

This type of healing is effective in healing pain, especially in the neck and the back. It seems to work well for treating internal problems like those in the organs, glands and various systems of the body. Psychological and spiritual problems are also addressed, as bad emotions are turned into joy and gratitude.

Practitioners who practice energy healing must be careful that they don't absorb their patients low energy state, but apart from this, this type of healing is entirely safe. If you are however taking medication to suppress your immunity or you have just had an organ transplant, then rather stay away from this sort of healing, as it is thought to boost immunity, which is counterproductive to the medical treatment you may be getting.

When you first meet your healer, ask him how he feels at the end of the day. If he says energized and happy, then he is probably good, but if he says that he feels drained and that he suffers for the good of his clients, then he probably isn't much good as a energy healer.

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