Influencing Skills On Loyalty To Prosperity

Dr. Purushothaman
December 10, 2013

Have you ever wondered what are the critical skills needed to successfully build a long term mlm or home base business? Are you like most unsuspecting newbies who consistently dip in your pocket book every month or so making a further exciting purchase, and every time you arrange these purchases, you are certain that this high-priced purchase is all you will forever require to create mega fortune in your business, only to be disappointed over, and over?

If you are, believe me I can certainly understand how you feel and where you are currently.

Sadly I have, like most of you, been faced with a mixture of hype, uncertainties, deceptions along with
greed and dissapointments owing to the many internet mlm gurus promotions, which really do not accentuate the real critical skills which translates to long term mega success, in your mlm or home base business.

As you begin to develop your business you will be coached a collection of skills which we hope are skills which are
useful and which you can actually use.

But I would like to review in this article, 3 critical skills which must be cultivated and used at a professional level,
in an attempt for you to really become a successful mlm or home base business guru.

Critical skill # 1 is a system of building your contact list.

Your contact list is and will eternally be the most important commodity as you build your mlm, or home base business.There are 3 circles of influences that we all have, and which we had better use as we develop our business.

The 1st and smallest circle is our warm market. To some, this market might be weakened as a result of the lots of
pathetic decisions we might have made earlier, with many other home base business in which we have failed at due to either inadequate leadership or company, and maybe our ignorance in appreciating what works and what does not work, in the mlm, home base business arena .

But this circle is very notable as this is where you can utilize these free leads to apply and develop the professional skills you will need to learn and use, to always fill your pipe line with this noteworthy

Your 2nd circle is your luke warm market, where again you are furnished with another list of free leads, thereby
allowing you to continue performing and creating the specialist skills you desire in contacting and inviting, as you move forward towards safekeeping your pipe line filled.

In the two situations with the above two circles, there are evenly excellent opportunities that you may commence enrolling some of
these contacts, but one sure accomplishment is the reality that you will cultivate substantial certitude to move on to your biggest circle which is circle #3, your cold market. These are individuals whom you come in contact every day, but simply let go by, because prior to working and gaining the skills with the first two circles, you had no certitude and no skills to realize the value of the great circle of strangers who would like to become your friends.

Please be mindfull, in an attempt to develop a professional cash flow, in any area, you have to have the influence of a professional.

You can simply commence your home base or mlm business by purchasing leads to practice on, to come to be the professional you need to become, or you can start off by using circles #1 and #2, which are the free source you have been building for several years.

Many human beings will try to impress you on the comfort of generating leads by virtue of the internet, but quite frankly, while the use of
internet may be actually effective in generating free leads, how many people can really easily duplicate this action? only a few!

I know of some leaders who have used the internet to recruit as many as 100's of strangers into their group, every week. But the essential question is, how easy is this to replicate? If you cannot duplicate such a system, it means that you have merely created an entity which you have to frequently do by yourself, for your business to frequently build.

Real residual wages is not created that way, that my friend is just like a job, which only provides linear wages, as opposed to residual wages.

Critical skill #2 is knowing how to build leaders.

The second critical skill which you have to appreciate and again to become a professional, is being aware of how to build leaders.

A few "so called leaders" will describe to you that duplication is hyped-up, but quite plainly that is why they are
known as "so called leaders".

As mentioned earlier, if you are the sole person in your group who can be proficient in any skill in this home base business arena, and the only person who can effectively perform that skill on a standard basis, then you simply have a job.

If the skills you are teaching cannot be positively duplicated by the every day public, you will in no respect establish true,
long lasting residual income.

As you advance forward with regards to putting together leaders, it is critical that you appreciate what leadership characteristics you have to look for.

I am sure you have expressed this saying earlier: "The squeeky wheel usually gets the oil". Yes that is one leadership quality you have to look for in a very skillfull approach.

Your true leader will forever be calling you, not with petty issues, but preferably demand help, including suggestions with regards to building their business, or about how to resolve building problems.

When you have choosen your leader who has shown the ambition, commitment, the willingness to be coached and the understanding that "the facts do not count", when you have a goal or desire, you are ready to build the compulsory relationship in order to aid your leader to believe you care about their success first, rather than yours. In-fact you had better do every thing you can to really become close friends with your new leader.

You had better find out what is the true burning intention which motivated them to get enrolled in the business. You want to assist them crystallize that desire. You want to discovery a way to keep reminding your leader of their goal or desire,
frequently, and to assist them to keep believing that the business will allow them to get that desire, with your
help, particularly when times get challenging. And believe me times usually will gets challenging. You need to absolutely become close friends, not just with the person building the business, but also with the complete family if that is appropriate with your leader.

Bear in mind, it is only when your leader actually believes and know that you care, will they ever care about what
you know, to help them build their business. You had better do the utmost you can to first become a real, genuine friend.

As you resume to develop the trust, and become closer to your leader, and your leader acquires the belief that you absolutely care about their business and family benefit, not just yours, look out, your leader's commitment level will almost certainly go through the roof, thus allowing you to move regarding finding another leader and doing the above all over again. While your new amigo and leader moves on to replicating what she/he just learned from you.

Critical skill #3 is knowing how to effectively create duplication in your group.

Now that you have accomplished the professionalism of consistently adding to your contact list, with little or no pressure, and developing leaders has now become second nature, by virtue that you appreciate what has to be done and you have developed a few notable leaders, the key to creating mega fortunes through steady advancement in several legs of your group, is now all about educating your leaders on how to replicate the above, over and over, again and again, left, right and center.

Why do you have to effectively duplicate? Let us take a look at some other industries.

Ever heard about the golden arches, yes Mc Donalds. Do you think they have a secret formula? Yes they do, it is called duplication. Their food creation system is so easy that even high school kids can grasp and replicate it. But even more importantly, these high school kids can also coach the system. And what does it cost to buy one of these franchises? Only about 1 million dollars plus.

Merely take a look at any successful money making business enterprise and you will assuredly recognize some form of replication in their daily business concern.

In order to be able to always develop any business to mega income, you need to have an easy system which can be easily duplicated by the masses. Despite what those "so called mlm or home base business leaders" may try to put forward.


The above mlm 3 critical skills are exceedingly critical for you to become a professional at. There are also a few other skills you will need to know and learn, but those are not as all-important as the above 3.

Once you can as a rule build leads and keep your pipe line filled with contacts, you will eternally have folks to show your business to. And as you sponsor new people and you build leaders in the right way and effectively teach them a basic system to replicate, you will always be on your way to developing mega income and long term residual success endurance in your mlm or home base business.

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