Individual Alteration Through Spiritual Awakening

Dr. Purushothaman
October 5, 2013

Transcendent enlightenment is part of religious observations. The path to spiritual awakening is an extremely holy understanding because the enlightened individual has interaction with the celestial and paranormal. This enlightening experience has been part of diverse societies and practices, and it includes different beliefs.

Illumination is personal because it fits in the person's awareness and personal religion. This means it is something which other individuals, who do not share the same views, could find dissimilar and occasionally alarming. Though, different faiths have different understanding of the Celestial and Supreme Being, spiritual awakening experiences can be similar as well as dissimilar.

Diverse religions and societies share that spiritual awakening comprises that the individual to separate from the sphere and unite with God or if you are polytheistic-believing in many gods-gods and goddesses. This enlightened person would have a very deep linking with the world after the awakening. This deep spiritual linking with the world means they also achieve instinctive knowledge and understanding of people, as well as the universe.

It has to be remembered that this spiritual awakening is not only gained through sacred actions. The enlightened state can also be gained through life, death experiences; supernatural beginnings and also past life experience. Persons who have been stirred would say that they have experienced carnal, psychological, emotional and spiritual fluctuations and problems. This developing, even with its confusion and struggle, has been called heavenly by some individuals. This experience is a purely private alteration and the awakened can gain different fluctuations on their activities, behaviours and their own personal way of life.

It has to be remembered that no one is the same. Everyone experiences life differently so it stands to reason that every individual will experience their spiritual enlightenment differently. Let me explain. Some people who have a spiritual awakening could develop intolerance to certain foods and allergies. Various traditions say that since the mortal body and mind is opening to the godly and the spiritual, it gets more delicate. This means that your body can have a poorer tolerance level to particular stuffs compared to how it was before the sacred passage and achievement.

Some enlightened people become extra sensitive and are able to see auras around living things. The colours appear more vivid and can even see shapes and brilliant colours with their eyes shut. Their hearing can also become sharper than it was before the spiritual awakening. Though, many would swear that they experience a reduction in hearing since they hear different kind of sounds and have trouble recognizing the different resonances.

Some spiritually awakened individuals' taste, smell, and touch are also improved. This explains why, some individuals are sensitive to food. Skin rashes can happen at the same time as healing moments; the conclusion of some memories or anything that could have occurred in the past.

The awakened person can feel a sudden rush of supremacy. Certain people say that they experience heat running from their head to toe, though there are others who would say the sensation was icy and not hot.

It has to be pointed out and observed that the alteration that individual experiences upon a spiritual awakening depend on how they see and understand divinity. We are all different and not all of these personal alterations could happen to everybody who has gained spiritual enlightenment. Whatever your feelings during an epiphany, hot, cold, intolerance to certain foods, etc. it is your experience because there is no wrong way of being spiritually awakened.

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