Indian astrology makes your future visible

Dr. Purushothaman
September 13, 2013

Astrology is the need and necessity of everyone. As so many people make believe that astrology is not a superstition there is some reality in that. It is an art with the help of which one can make analysis that what can happen in the near future to some extent. Astrology depends on the position of stars, celestial bodies and planet. It is the study of movement of planets and stars. It is to believe that situations went out of control when said words get often misconfused and messages failed to reach at the exact destination. Mercury is considered to be the planet of communication. All astrological predictions are done by communicating with mercury which leaves impact on our life.

With the help of astrology one can easily get information about person’s strength, weakness and personality. Zodiac signs are the belt of constellations through which sun, moon and other planets make transition in the sky. All those who strongly believe in the astrology thinks that one can easily make prediction about the future by studying the position of planet, moon and sun.

There so many versions come up especially when we talk about the astrology. Different forms of astrology are Chinese astrology, Egyptian, western and Indian. Western and Indian astrologers study and create astrological chart which is known as horoscope. It is an event based chart depends upon the position of stars. According to Indian astrology there is a strong link between qualities of person and time in which they born. The birth char reveal so much about the destiny of the person and predictions. With the help of astrologer one can easily make so many choices in the context of direction of future.

According to Indian astrology the planet sun make transition around twelve signs. They spend total one month on each sign. The position of sun on its birthday makes determination about of star sign to which he or she belongs. The sun is the representation of the person’s ego, pride, authority, power, leadership qualities, vitality and health. It also symbolizes the influences and creativity in the areas such as recreational activities, sports, dance, art, holidays and other kind of social event. One can easily make a basic life prediction with the help of sun by making ts, dance, art, holidays and other kind of social event. One can easily make a astrological consultations.

The concept of astrology is booming day by day as 90% of people are religious in nature and whosever believe in god definitely felt the need of astrological predictions.

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