Improving Brain Fitness

Dr. Purushothaman
October 9, 2013

The brain is one of the most important organs in our body, of course we do need all our organs for normal bodily function and life. The brain is said to be the most important because of the ultimate role it plays of controlling a number of organs in the body. Any problem in the brain is reflected in the way all other parts of the body respond. The way we live our day to day lives is also dependent on brain fitness.

This refers to the ability of the brain to function properly. This involves its ability to remember important information, ability to process Information and respond to it for example when working or performing certain tasks such as cycling or driving. The ability of the brain to respond well and fast enough shows the degree of brain fitness.

Cognition refers to the large amounts of mental processes that take place in the Brain; this includes mental processes such as listening, seeing, picking up important information through the necessary sensory organs such as hearing, touching and smelling. Cognition is the process through which the brain constantly takes in large amounts of information such as sounds and smells; it processes them by eliminating the ones that are not important and storing in memory the most important information.

Brain fitness is all about improved cognitive skills. Individuals who exhibit excellent memory, ability to observe and solve certain situations within the shortest time is as a result of excellent cognitive skills.

Brain training refers to the action of improving cognitive skill or maintaining an already high cognitive skill level. How brain training works is by keeping the brain active through carrying out certain challenging tasks such as participating in puzzle games. Just as going to the gym helps strengthen muscles and increasing muscle mass, so does the process of constantly engaging the brain through taking on tasks that increase brain activity help in improving brain fitness.

Cognitive skills can deteriorate over a period of time due to a number of reasons, the major one being age. The rate at which this happens depend on brain fitness, people who work in challenging environments or fields that require contestant Brainwork such as strategizing, new ideas exhibit lower decline in cognition because their brain is constantly at work. Brain training helps prevent loss of cognition by constantly keeping the brain active, constant brain activity causes the brain to regenerate brain cells leading to sharper and more improved brain activity.

Brain fitness can be also be increased by taking part in memory games, these are tasks that help improve the brain's ability to store information. Memory games can be simple tasks such as taking a different route to work daily or reading different section of the newspaper, this constantly introduces new ideas to the brain an as a result beefs up memory and increase the brain’s memory.

Memory games cause the brain to pick up more information, this registers improved brain activity. Doing things the very same way reduces brain activity since there is no degree of thinking required, everything simply takes place as usual, and thus the brain is not properly exercised.

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