Impove Your Life With Anger Management

Dr. Purushothaman
September 23, 2013

Just like poorly managed stress, anger that is not dealt with in a healthy manner cannot only be a major cause of discomfort, but it also has repercussions on your health. Anger management is a topic that many individuals study because they feel that their personal life is slipping out of their hands because of this demon.

Anger Management Research

A recent study conducted at the University of Washington evaluated anger issues between spouses. Scientists acknowledged prior information stating that anger issues and depression have been directly linked to all major causes of death. This study also indicated that women face severe depression when angry, while men face severe health problems if they are not able to control their anger.

Another study conducted at Ohio State University indicated that individuals who are unable to control their anger heal slowly from wounds compared to those who do not get as angry. Scientists took 98 participants in this study and gave them each a blister. After a little more than a week, the individuals who were constantly angry proved to be slower healers. The participants who were not angry healed much faster than the others.
Various other diseases have directly been linked to excessive anger, which is why it is very important to bring it under control. A Harvard School of Public Health study showed that men who are too hostile have a higher chance of getting heart problems compared to those who can control their anger.

Mental and Physical Repercussions of Anger

As you can see, both the mental and physical health of a person is at stake if anger is not dealt with in the correct manner. Anger management can offer a sigh of relief to those who have been battling with anger issues for their whole life. A happier you means that the individuals that surround you will be happier too. So, it is time to change and become an example for others to follow.

The great thing about getting anger under control is that people are more likely to want to be around you. You are obviously a more pleasant person when you’re not angry, and others can even learn from you. Think of your children for example. If you are constantly angry around your children, there are many repercussions of that. Firstly, they will always be scared of you and will find it hard to connect with you on any level except out of fear.

Secondly, being angry around your children can create a vicious cycle. Chances are that your children will also turn out to be angry adults once they grow up. So, the last thing you need is your grandson blaming you for having a bad father. It is better to take full control of your anger issues to not only make yourself happy, but also ensure your family’s welfare. This will ensure that you get to live a healthy and happy life with your family without any of the complications anger causes.


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