Important CV Skills That Will Work for Your Resume

Dr. Purushothaman
December 10, 2013

Knowing the skills to include in your curriculum vitae is very important when looking for a job. A lot of people however, are not aware of this fact and as a result end up writing CVs that no employer would give a second look. According to many surveys that have been conducted of late, they have pointed to the conclusion that applicants either don’t know exactly what skills they should include or worse still some don’t even know the importance of including such skills. But either way, one fact stands, CV skills are very essential and one needs to know how to present them in his resume in order to capture the attention of whoever looks at it. In other words, the skills that you will indicate in your CV will actually go a long way in determining whether you will get the job you are applying for or not.

It is also a fact that any applicant has several skills that he may want to include in his CV. However, you must be very keen in choosing which ones you ought to use and the ones you need to leave out. Always keep at the back of your minds the fact that some skills may actually work against you. Therefore, seek to understand first what the requirements from your potential employer are. That is the skills that they are looking for so that you can match them with what you think you have to offer. On the other hand, it is always important to focus on your abilities that will make the employer want to hire you. According to CV writing experts, the skills in one CV ought to range from 5 to 10. In addition, they should be presented in a bullet form that will make it easier for whoever that will be going through your CV to point hem out without much difficult.

But CV writing has also gone high-tech nowadays. Nowadays, CVs do better when they also have a search engine optimization otherwise known as SEO element in them. This is the point where your skills play the roles of keywords, such that when an employer is looking for candidates to fill a certain position, they will only need to enter the skills that they want. Suppose you had customized your CV, in a SEO friendly, you will definitely appear as one of the top results in that particular search. However, if you are a first timer as far as CV writing is concerned, you can alternative consider hiring or better still consult a resume services company. Such companies come in handy especially when a person doesn’t know exactly how to write his curriculum vitae.

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