Unbelievable Health Benefits Of  Star Apple

Dr. Purushothaman
March 31, 2024

Star apple is an exotic fruit that has its origin in the Caribbean. Today, most tropical countries cultivate this fruit. Even then, it is not easily found in most of the stores. The fruit gained the name due to its star shape that is formed when the whole fruit is cut into two equal halves. The fruit tastes somewhat like coconut flesh and this is the main reason why it is popularly known as the Milk fruit in a few countries. Two varieties of star apple are found. The type of skin actually distinguishes each of them.

The two main varieties of star apple are Purple star apple and Green star apple. Purple star apple has thick skin with purple colour. Purple star apple flesh colours can range from white to light purple. Green star apple on the other has thick skin with green colour. The thick pulp colour is white in colour. The flesh of this fruit is very soft and extremely sweet, and it has some awesome nutritional values.

Benefits of the fruit

Super rich in fibre- Star apple is full of fibre and is very beneficial to health. Eating a single star apple can give you around 3 gm of fibre (Daily intake of fibre should be around 25- 35gm). Fibre is very essential if you are planning to lose weight the healthy way. It makes the stomach feel like it is full and satisfies your appetite. People who tend to eat in large quantities should plan to eat Star apple fruit to stay healthy. Moreover, fibre helps in keeping blood sugar levels in check. Certain studies show that the star apple has properties of insulin to reduce the level of glucose in the blood (Research by African Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 2009). Fibre is also best for digestion and normalizes bowel movement. People who face constipation can include star apple fruit in their diet not normalize their bowel movement. Fibre also avoids stomach issues that lead to colon cancer.

Good source of Minerals and Vitamins- For a healthy body, the right intake of minerals and vitamins are very essential. Star apple is a rich source of iron, calcium and Vitamin C that helps to maintain a perfectly healthy body. The right amount of calcium and phosphorus can build strong bones. It is a common notion that taking dairy products can help in getting a good supply of calcium for the bones. Even though it is true, some people who are allergic to dairy products have to find the right alternative to get the calcium supply. Consuming star apple is the best solution. This helps in building bones and strengthening the teeth. Calcium also helps women during their periods to reduce cramps and abdominal bloating. Star apple also is iron-rich, which helps in the production of red blood cells in the body. Consuming this fruit regularly can help prevent being anaemic and stay energetic. This fruit also gives a good supply of Vitamin C, which helps in preventing infections and curing wounds. Vitamin c also helps in improving our vision.

The best source of antioxidants- Fighting the free radicals that cause harmful diseases is possible when the food you eat has a rich supply of antioxidants like Vitamin c and Vitamin A. Star apple is a storehouse of these two vitamins that help to neutralize free radicals, preventing the development of cells that are cancerous. Moreover, vitamin C acts as an anti-ageing agent. It gives glow to the skin keeping it young, firm and wrinkle-free.


The seeds and leaves of this fruit are considered to have toxic properties if consumed in a high dose. Even though consumption of Star apple is good and beneficial for health; make sure to eat at moderate levels. Too much of anything can have negative results.


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